Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Free food!

Maybe I'm the only person who didn't know about this promotion, but just in case I'm not: Meesha alerted me to the Quiznos promotion in his blog, and I figure I should pass the favor along. Now go print yourself a coupon for a free sub HERE. I printed one for both me and Cliff.

I don't believe we've ever patronized Quiznos, so I had to use the locate portion of their website. Looks like Blue Springs is the nearest one to us; that's a twenty-five-mile trip. Of course, if we ride the motorcycle, miles don't matter!

We've always patronized Subway because we find it easy to keep the calories in check there. I can't seem to find any nutrition information on the Quiznos website. That won't stop us from redeeming our free coupons, though!

By the way, it might have been just my printer, but the coupons really took their time at being produced; the printer didn't start for awhile, and it paused a lot. So if you think yours aren't going to print, hang in there.

Thanks, Meesha!

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Hollie said...

Free food??? YEA! Thanks for thinking about us...