Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Thursday Thirteen: Edition "E"

If you'd like to play along as we go through the alphabet, be sure and leave the specific link to your entry at Izzy 'N Emmy.

1. Eggs: I love them boiled, fried, poached, or scrambled.

2. Esther: One of my favorite Bible people. What a brave, brave woman.

3. Elvis: Wow, what an explosion on the music scene when he came with "You Ain't Nothin' But A Hound Dog".

4. Eccentric: That'd be me.

5. Electricity: I don't have it at my cabin. For a few hours, that's a good thing. Any longer and I go mad. What, no computer?

6. Embryo: I can't help it; I believe an embryo is a person. Maybe your embryos weren't/aren't. I can only speak for mine.

7. embarrassed: I've embarrassed myself many times.

8. eagle: We sometimes see them around here, but I've never been able to get a picture of one.

9. enchanted: "Some enchanted evening you may meet a stranger...". I used to listen to those words and hope that would happen for me, that someone would smile across a crowded room and somehow I'd know, I'd know even then, that somehow I'd see him again and again.

That isn't how it happened, exactly. But it's worked out just fine.

10. Easter: Oh, what wonderful memories of Easter egg hunts and baskets and coloring eggs and dinners featuring ham as the main course.

11. Economy: It's a worrisome word these days.

12. Eagleville: I only lived there for two or three years as a child, but it seems like my "home town". Maybe because my Grandma had an Eagleville address.

13. Everly Brothers: I loved those guys, and I still like to sing "Bye Bye Love".


  1. I saw this done with favorite "K's" and love em. But I think your "E" are worth an applause. Thanks for sharing.
    Take care and enjoy your Everyday!

  2. Great list of E's! I swear I am going to add some images to mine one of these days. I was so unprepared this morning, I had no list even thought of. loL!

    Elvis, such a handsome and talented singer. Thanks for playing and making it so fun to read. Hope to see you next week!

  3. yeeppppp i have def embarrassed myself many many times. actually there are many many times where i shouldve been embarrassed....i have no shame though lol ask my mom she'll tell you


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