Thursday, February 19, 2009


Four days a week, Angel spends four or five hours at our house. She wouldn't have to, so long as I make sure she potties a couple of times; but Cliff and I have fun with her.

Considering Sadie is the typical "only child" and is often jealous of other dogs, these two get along pretty well. This morning they enjoyed sharing their patch of sunlight.


  1. Those were cute pictures. That is great that they get along well. Our two lay in the sunshine that comes in our front storm door. Helen

  2. I am glad they get along so well. Iknow it does Sadie good to have someone to dog talk to.

  3. Friends for sure. There something just so calming about watching a dog streched out in the sun sleeping. I wish we all could find such graceful states!

  4. awwww....I used to lay on the floor with my cats in the sun spots.
    (Now they lay on the stairs, which....I don't think I can lay there comfortably. Oh well.....maybe they want their own quiet time)


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