Thursday, February 05, 2009

Thanks for your book suggestions

Notice the poll on the right and take part if you want to. Gotta put that in here for those who read VIA Google Reader or Bloglines so they can get over here and vote.

I've already ordered "Shack", and will be getting some of the other suggestions later on. I order used books from, and they're pretty cheap that way. Especially older books. I really need to get back to using the library, but since I don't drive, it's hard to coordinate trips to the library with everything else. Now, in summer it would be fairly easy, because Cliff is happy to go anywhere on the motorcycle!

We went to do our grocery shopping today by motorcycle, taking the trailer along. Cliff considered taking a vacation day, but he goes to work at 3:30 and it gets dark at 6. Since we don't ride in the dark, that wouldn't have lengthened our day by much. Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer than today, so if the wind isn't too overpowering we'll go for a long ride then. We are loving Cliff's three-day weekends!


alphawoman said...

Here is the post I wrote about my favorite books!!

Sandra said...

thanks so much for posting Ellen.... Im still smiling....