Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My family tree

My cousin, Pauline, has been working on our family tree for years.

She's finally got it online. What a wonderful thing!

I've learned that my ancestors on my mother's side came from Canada and New England... and before that, Great Britain. Wow.

I'm so glad I have a cousin who has the patience to do all this work, because as much as I love knowing about my family, I'd never have been able to do it.

God bless you, Pauline, for keeping our family history alive.

I have a good family with a great history.

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Familytreeservice said...

you've got to love the researching and the thrill of discovery. Its certainly something that I'd recommend everyone doing but, as you say, not everyone wants to do it themselves. If this was untrue, I wouldn't have a business!!
glad you like your tree - no skeletons?