Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Glare wax

I blogged about how Cliff was ready to buy that wax for his motorcycle; he winced at the over-ten-dollars for shipping, but had me go ahead with the online order. I filled out all our information: phone, address, and so forth. On the next click after that, a $4.95 "handling fee" was added, and that was the straw that broke Cliff's back.

Today Cliff was sitting at my computer surfing (the nerve of him... but it's too cold to do much outside) and the phone rang. I picked it up, glancing down at the caller I.D., and saw that "Glare Wax" was calling!

He wanted to know what kept us from finishing our order yesterday.

Cliff told him it was the handling charge that stopped us, and the man gave him a discount code for 10% off, which pretty much took care of the handling charge.

Then they talked for an hour about motorcycles. Seems this fellow, Terry Stevens, has several, including an 1800 Gold Wing.

He assured Cliff that once he uses their product, he will be a customer for life.

At that price, I certainly hope so!

I'll let my readers know if it really is that great, and if it truly lasts for five years. If I'm still alive and blogging in five years, that is.


  1. You'll still be around! Whatever! Apparently poor Cliff does not ascribe to my hubby's philosophy "If it's really all that great, they would sell it in stores!" Good luck with the Glare Wax! I'll be thinking good thoughts!

  2. Must be a small operation if they are watching individual orders. Careful, someone is watching :o)

  3. Anonymous6:39 PM

    I'm wondering if it's like the Liquid Glass in that the wax lasts forever, but the paint under it oxidizes.

    I've also found that the best looking waxes are also the most short lived. The more Carnuba in the mix makes it "wetter" looking, but also doesn't last as long as man made chemicals.

  4. I am hoping you get what you paid for. Not all things are scams and some of the products work great if you use them as directed. Just think, if nothing else he had something to do that day. Take care.

  5. Tell me which product he got and how it did. Pat just might use some for his truck and bike!


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