Saturday, February 28, 2009

Snowy morning

The weather-guessers guessed right this time: they've forecast two to four inches of snow. It's still coming down. So pretty and still!

I don't know who won that contest. If you look at the results now, I came in second. But I think I may have gotten several of my votes after the deadline. Whatever happens, it was fun.

I may not be on the computer much today; I'm fixing dinner for Cliff's nephew and his family, and since I was cooking anyhow, I invited the son-in-law and however many of his kids want to come. And of course the oldest grandson, who loves to eat. And Cliff's sister who lives next door. So it's a big cooking day for me!

We'll have roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy, Old Settler's beans, and home-made rolls. Now we're going to need something green in there, and I didn't plan ahead very well. The only green stuff in the freezer of which I have enough is peas, and lots of people don't like peas. However, to round out the meal, I will probably fix peas. Or maybe peas and carrots.

I've made my sister's lemon pie for the first time today. Of course I licked the pan, and it was so good! Nephew Scotty loves cherry cheesecake, so I always try to make that when he's here. I had an extra pie crust, so I also made a pumpkin pie. And Cliff's sister baked a cake.

I wonder why Cliff and I can't lose weight? Seems like every weekend there's some sort of pitfall that deters us from healthy eating!

Anyhow, I'll check in when I can.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It all sounds just great. Your kitchen will be nice and warm inside no matter the weather outside. It's snowing here too. My son gave me some liver from the freezer beef he got as he doens't care for it. So I'll have liver and onions to feast on later. One persons junk is another's treasure they say. I love it. Enjoy your day! 'On Ya'-ma

Helen said...

That snow is beautiful. Your dinner sounds delicious. Sure is of a lot of desserts that I can't have LOL. Helen

Gayla said...

It all sounds so yummy! I love the picture of the snow. It makes me miss home so much. Who knows? With everything that's happened, I might just end up in Colorado? I would love that!
Really great picture :)
Huggers, Gayla

Diane@Diane's Place said...

It looks a lot like that here now too, but ours didn't start until about 2 pm today. It's nearly midnight and it's still snowing. I made some snow cream and man, it was good!

Your dinner sounds great. I've been wanting homemade yeast rolls but I haven't had the gumption to actually make 'em yet. Soon though....