Monday, February 23, 2009

More about weekend activities

Just a few odds and ends of things from the Trails Museum yesterday. This statue of Jim Bridger is just outside the museum.

These are quotes from, and about, the Mormons, many of whom transported their belongings in carts they pulled themselves.

All along the walk in the museum that takes you from Independence to California, there are quotes from letters written by the travelers. The notes written at the start of the journey are hopeful and happy. By the time the people got halfway to their destination, they were scared, lonely and miserable. Many lost family members to cholera, or accidents along the trail. The time came when they had to unload much of the food and many valuable possessions to lighten their loads. I imagine all my readers know about the Donner party.

According to a family legend, a man walked home with this rocking chair after he failed at finding gold in California. It was a gift for his wife.

Cliff and I figured it was a peace offering so he wouldn't have to hear her say, "You left me to take care off all these kids and fend for myself, and now you come dragging your sorry butt in here without a dime."

And he replies, "But honey, I walked 1,000 miles with this rocking chair perched on my head just for you! That's how much I love you."

I won't say I enjoyed this museum quite as much as the World War I Museum, but it was well worth our time and admittance fee.

An older man and lady were there to admit us. I told them the name of our little town, and the man said his parents had operated the little telephone line in our town until they saw World War II was approaching; then they moved to Kansas City and found jobs. I told him how I was raised in telephone offices until I was twelve. Small world, don't you think? This complete stranger and I had two things in common: a town, and our parents' professions.

Things on our future list of things to see include a visit to the Truman Library (we've been there before, but there's so much to see) and perhaps a tour of the Community of Christ headquarters. It's been too cold to ride the motorcycle, so we've been going to these places of interest by car. Should the weather warm up, though, those two are in areas where we wouldn't mind riding the Gold Wing.


MoxieMamaKC said...

I've always meant to go to the Trails Museum. Thanks for the reminder. Have you been to the 1859 Jail or the Vaile or Bingham-Waggoner in Independence? All quite fabulous!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's cold here too. I had thought maybe you had it better than we did. But I guess not. I love going to museums and reading about history. It's hard to believe what people went through in the hopes of having a better life.

Kelly said...

During this cold weather museums are always a good refuge to go to and browse about. I always love going to the Fernbank Museum in Atlanta. Neat story about the rocking chair.