Monday, February 16, 2009

More pictures from Liberty Memorial

Admission to the museum was $8; for an additional $2, you get an elevator ride to the top of this tower. Cliff doesn't care for heights, but he gave in to my pleading. After spending three hours in the actual museum, it was nice to get out into the sunshine and do something a little different.
There's an inscription on the base of the tower saying something about "in honor of those who served".

I don't know why Cliff looks so grumpy, waiting at the elevator; probably he's tired of getting his mug stuck in my blog all the time. I wanted a picture of the hippie-looking guy running the elevator, but he wouldn't allow it. "I don't do pictures," he said, turning his back to me quickly.

"You'd probably put it on Myspace and get me in trouble with fourteen of my girl friends."

I told him I don't do Myspace; I blog. "See there?" he retorted. "Same thing."

Hey, the guy was not so handsome. He might have a couple of girl friends, but not fourteen. It's no great loss to my readers that I didn't get his picture.

The elevator doesn't go quite all the way to the top; there are a few steps to climb.

The view was fantastic. That's Kansas City's Union Station you see in the forground.

This looks out toward where we were parked.


Hollie said...

What a beautiful view. I'm with Cliff....I don't like heights either. LOL about the guy...

kcmeesha said...

We go up there every time we have out of town guests. Once we were up on top and elevator stopped working so we had to take the stairs all the way down. I think my kid wiped out 50 years worth of dust on handrails that day.

Midlife Mom said...

Don't like heights either but I think this would be well worth it. Loved the mess kits and shell casings that the soldiers made. Beautiful.

Midlife Mom said...
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