Thursday, February 26, 2009

One more thing

That photo contest over at Five Minutes for Mom ends tomorrow. You know, the one in which I entered a picture of my granddaughter, Natalie, with my horse, Blue.

I'm way out in front, but tomorrow is the last day. Some folks may have been wise enough to hold off on voting until the last day. You know, like on Ebay... you don't show your hand until the last few minutes.

So if you haven't voted for my picture, get on over THERE and vote!

It isn't life or death. I (or should I say my husband) can afford to buy a rocking horse for that little girl. But wouldn't it make for a lovely story to pass on down to the next generation, how Internet friends helped me win a rocking horse for my first great-grandchild?


Anonymous said...

Done. :-) I love Blue ..

Helen said...

I voted a while back. I hope you win! Helen