Friday, February 13, 2009

So the bad economy isn't only in the US

One of my favorite blogs is that of a fellow in Singapore: Passionate About Life.

I've learned so much from this man about customs and beliefs different from my own.

He's about to lose a job of seventeen years standing. Apparently, things are bad all over. His company's jobs are being shipped off to Malaysia, where things can be made more cheaply. Sound familiar?

If you've never read Muhd's blog, I highly recommend it.

Click HERE.


Helen said...

I do read his journal but haven't in quite a while. He has a big heart to put his assitant before himself. Helen

It's me said...

I'll check it out, and YES, this is a GLOBAL crisis, not simply a U.S. crisis.

Although perhaps we're a bit less prepared for "doing with less". But we'll see.

Anne said...

Hey, I don't think it's your taste, I think the darn things ARE different. I also remember how many cookies were in a package compared to now. Nothing ever stays the same. Anne