Monday, February 16, 2009

There's one doughboy from WW I still living

I gleaned so much food for thought at the Liberty Memorial Museum, I can hardly contain myself. Cliff and I both want to return, because you just can't see everything there in one visit.

One of the guides told us that there is one single American Veteran of World War I (doughboy) still living. He was born at Bethany, Missouri, which is the area where many of my aunts and uncles lived and died.

His name is Frank Buckles, and you can read about him HERE. Last year, at age 107, he visited Liberty Memorial; he told them he'd be back this year. Isn't that amazing?

This almost looks as if Cliff is at the scene.

This will likely be my last post about the museum.

One thing that impressed me was the way every single item is labeled and named. You don't have to stand there wondering what you're looking at.

There are two movies, one at the beginning of the tour and one halfway through, that explain what was going on with the war. The second one is especially memorable, since spectators seem to be sitting above a battleground while the movie tells what's happening.


kathleen duey said...

What a fabulous place. I need to go. I love museums. I love the poster that says "waste nothing!" My parents were teens in the Great Depression and were young adults in the war years. Neither one of them was wasteful. My mother could get four meals out of one chicken. Probably time to get back to that...

Adirondackcountrygal said...

Mr. Buckles sounds like an amazing man. We are loosing our WW2 vets at an incredible rate.

Jean&Vic said...

very interesting to note he is in the last of his generation. I visited and read up about him on Wikipedia, and have to say I don't remember more than a handful of people from that time.It is both sad and amazing. Sad to see them disappearing, but amazing the life he and his generation have led. Thank you for sharing that, and the photos of the museum. I will probably not ever see it in my lifetime, but will now know of it, and ask others who can to visit there.

Jess said...

What an amazing story he has to glad to be back visiting. I have missed so much

Hope all is well!
Love, Jess

Danny said...

I keep meaning to get over there and see that now that they opened the new part.