Tuesday, February 10, 2009

And now, a word from my sponser

Wow, I feel right uptown now! I have a sponsor for my blog.


They're over there on my sidebar, too. Check them out and see if they have anything you might want or need.


Phelan said...

Congrats! Got a question, has nothing to do with this post. Do you guys ever do any of the MS runs? Just curious. We do several a year, and thought if you did, we could meet up. (yes, this would be me gearing up for the season ;)

patsy said...

donna rebate checks are still in the stimulus bill.
President Barack Obama and the House strongly supports the $819 Billion 2nd Economic Stimulus Payment.

The most significant tax break in the 2009 Economic Stimulus package also known as the “Obama Stimulus Plan” is a $500 credit for single workers and $1,000 for couples with a joint application. This includes those who don’t earn enough to have federal taxes.
as far as I can see some in the senate wanted to refuse rebate checks for people like me who don't pay federal tax but so far I am still in the bill. anyone who makes less 200 thousand will be recieving rebate check if the house passes this bill out of the senate.

Hollie said...

Congats on your sponsor!

Paula said...

Goodness sakes alive I knew you'd make it big someday.

Kathy said...

Wow! You have a sponsor?! Aren't you something?!!

We, I mean, I, use Vistaprint sometimes for business cards.

Maybe I should get a sponsor. Or maybe not. Hmmm