Thursday, February 05, 2009

I'm wondering

That big bailout bill keeps getting bigger. If it weren't for some local bloggers, I wouldn't have noticed what's going on.

This one really got to me:

"Right now, the Democrats and the Obama administration are apparently on course to set up $650 million to give to people in the form of coupons so they can buy converter boxes for their television sets.

Over one-half billion dollars.

For TV's."

Good grief. Couldn't the citizens pay for their own little boxes, at $40 a whack?

Thanks to Mo Rage for pointing this out to me!


Celeste said...

There was 1.34 billion set aside for the coupons. Those were all issued but not redeemed. Slightly over 50% have been used. From the figure mentioned. I would say that the same money will be reissued that was already alloted to it.

Rachel said...

Yeah, and it just keeps getting worse. It's all so frustrating! I try to stay thankful for having a good, no, a GREAT job. I'm planning to ride it out.

Muhd Imran said...

Is the budget for real? Strange to do such a thing as a bailout from someone so logical and down to earth. I just cannot believe it.

Anonymous said...

why does'nt anyone remember the huge bailout that former pres gave to the banks and wall street and they did not account for a rotten penny! What a complete mess! This did not happen over night people.

Helen said...

In all that package there seems a lot of senseless things it is going to. Just think what kind of taxes the future generations are going to have do to pay it back. Poor kids of the future having to do all that. Helen

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

The sad thing is even though the bail out seems so big, we need a whole lot more to pull us out of this gigantic mess. How could we ever have got so bad is beyond me. I'm praying we make it by the skin of our teeth. Hopefully our government is making some wise choices.

Happy Being Me said...

I found something even scarier. Check this one out. Thanks for sharing. Hope your weekend is good to you!

It's me said...

Yeah, I ranted about the "Drugs for the sheeple" awhile back too. GRRRR

I will say (this is for the record) that both sides SUCK. In the previous bailout it was "ohmigodwehavetodothisnow" and now it's "ohmigodwehavetodothisnow". I still can't believe there are people trying to make this a "Good {our party} - Bad {your party}". Both sides screwed us and it will continue. Neither party gives a damn what we think, otherwise they would have voted against both bailouts (I'm sure this one will pass as well). And it's not just US they're screwing - its our children and grandchildren.

As long as they can keep us DIVIDED (partisan blaming) they know we will note UNITE and rise up against all the BS.

OK, rant over. Sorry for hijacking your comments.