Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My friend Shirley

One of my favorite people came to visit tonight. Actually, she was here one night last week also; one of her teachers at Wentworth Military Academy is a believer in Bigfoot, and he was going to be on an Internet radio broadcast talking about that. Shirley doesn't have Internet, so she came here to listen.

Shirley is a grandmother who had a big part in her granddaughter's life from the time she was born until she was in her mid-teens. Then suddenly, the granddaughter decided to live with her father instead of her mom (Shirley's daughter), and for a while she cut all ties with Mom and Grandma.

Shirley couldn't stop crying. She didn't want to get out of bed in the morning. Finally her husband said, "You're going to have to get something to do, maybe a little part-time job or a hobby to get you out of the house."

It's a long story, but Shirley decided to further her education. It was exactly the medicine her aching heart needed, and it's great to see her glow with enthusiasm when she talks about her teachers and her fellow-students. She even wrote a little book about her new experiences, a book that overflows with hope and love.

Here's what really amazes me: She's learning the Russian language (her Russian teacher is the Bigfoot expert). Have you ever looked at a page written in Russian? They have a whole different alphabet. Good grief!

So this evening I showed her one of my favorite blogs, Kansas City With The Russian Accent, and told her some things I've learned there. Sometimes Meesha links to Russian newspapers that show the translation when you hover your cursor over the print.

I do believe Shirley has finally been persuaded to hook up to the Internet.

Stand by, Meesha. I may be asking for some links to share with my friend, once she has Internet.


m.v. said...

I am here to help :-)

Hollie said...

Bless her sweet heart! Bigfoot? Now that sounds interesting!

Lori said...

She sounds like a great person. This was a very nice entry.

Rachel said...

I haven't seen 2E in a long time. Next time you see her, tell her I said "hi."

Humble wife said...

I have always believed that in a tough time(the granddaughter) opens up something new=school.

Good for her and how exciting!