Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Frugal Cliff

In our latest "Wing World", Cliff's interest was piqued by an ad or an article about something called "Glare". It's a vehicle wax that supposedly lasts for five years... one application.

He asked me to look it up online and order it. I found the site, found the product, went to checkout, where I was shocked by the shipping cost. I told Cliff, "Maybe if they have a local distributor, we'd get it cheaper."

So he called their toll-free number. The only place you can buy the stuff, he found out, is at a Honda dealer; and Cliff has heard that they can't keep it in stock. Besides, knowing Honda, it would be twice the cost there.

"Well, go ahead and order it then," he said reluctantly.

Back to the website, where I clicked to go ahead with the order.

"Ummm, Cliff? Now they're adding $4.95 for handling."

I can't tell you the several things he said. Let's just say "expletives deleted".

So it isn't ordered. What I ought to do is go ahead with it and not tell him; I'm sure he'd thank me later.


Lori said...

Well, if you do, and if it works well, let us know, please. I might have to check our local dealership to see if they have any.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully it will be as good as stated!