Sunday, July 04, 2010

Having fun in Arkansas

When I see one of these, I simply HAVE to climb to the top and see what I can see.  It's the kid in me, I guess.  
This is what I saw:  The Grand Canyon of the Ozarks.  We were here before, in the autumn of 2008.

I also saw a very tiny Cliff, beside a teensy-weensy Gold Wing motorcycle.  

And I looked ahead at the road we were going to take, and wondered if we were going to get rained on that day.  We didn't, except for a few tiny sprinkles when Donald was working on the motorcycle in Branson.  It was a good day.


Helen said...

Some beautiful views you saw from up there. Helen

DianeLynn said...

I have been blessed to live in many states and Japan. Now with blog land I can visit places I have never been before. It still amazes me just how beautiful our earth is eh?