Monday, July 05, 2010

Golden Rain Tree

A couple of years ago, Cliff and I began admiring a pretty tree about three miles down the road; it was a nice, shapely thing.  It had lovely blooms at the beginning of summer.  Oh, I wanted such a tree!  
One day the man who owned that property was mowing his lawn, and I asked Cliff to stop and back the car up so we could see if he knew what sort of tree he had.  
"That's a Golden Rain Tree," he said.  "Have you seen it when it's blooming?  It's really pretty then!"  
I researched a bit, and found out it's a fast-growing, trouble-free tree.  Sounded perfect, so I called the nursery to find out if they had one.  

Isn't it cute?  It's been there since early spring, and has already grown some; it's better than six feet tall.  
It is not a native plant, which surprises me, because I saw them growing wild in abundance all through Arkansas.  It's easy to spot them when they're in bloom.  

Here's one I saw in an Arkansas village as we were pulling out of a gas station.  I just wonder how big mine will have to get before it starts blooming.  I wonder if I'll live to see it bloom.  Some of these tree species take their own sweet time about getting down to business. 


Nita said...

When I first saw the picture I thought it was a memosa (sp?)tree. At first glance they look similar and most of the ones I've seen here in SWMo and NWAr are in bloom. They are different though. Those rain trees are beautiful and glad you had an adventure on the road trip!

small farm girl said...

Those trees are everywhere here in KY. People consider them a pain. I think they are beautiful.