Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Rain was not a problem on our visit to Arkansas

The threat of rain was pretty much with us at all times.  Cliff would say, "Oh, we're going to get our butts wet today!"  
I'd answer with some Pollyanna sort of phrase like this:  "If there's a fifty percent chance of rain, that means there's a fifty percent chance it won't rain."  
We'd ride off beneath clouds and before long, the sun would be shining.  We felt sprinkles when we had our little motorcycle problem, but rain never developed.  
Yesterday, getting ready to head home, we resolved ourselves to the fact that we were going to get wet.  Weather.com informed me that there was a 100% chance of thunderstorms for miles around our home, all day long.  It looked as though the first half of our journey would be sunny and dry, and then the heavens would open up and drench us.  
We stopped somewhere around Clinton for gas and donned our rain suits.  By the way, we aren't scared of getting wet; we can ride through light rain just fine.  It's when we're in a downpour that it gets scary:  vision is limited, and I worry about careless drivers who don't watch out for motorcycles.  The other day, we passed four cars in succession in which three of the drivers were texting and the other was talking on the phone.  That's scary.  It's downright terrifying on a motorcycle; add the element of a rainstorm and it gets ten times worse.  

Dang it!  There's that pesky fingerprint on the lens of my camera again!

The rain never developed.  We drove through some light rain for ten minutes or so, then nothing.  We got home to find an inch of precipitation in our rain gauge, and the sister-in-law said it poured for quite awhile; but we totally missed it.  And that's how our whole trip went!  


Helen said...

Glad that you two missed all of it except for a few sprinkles. Someone must have been watching out for you. Glad that you made it home safely. Bet Iris was glad to see you. Helen

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm glad you made it home safe and dry too. There's been no rain for a week here and a heat wave has hit us. It is too scary thinking about people texting and driving.

Wil said...

If, after a proper cleaning with lens paper and solution, the "fingerprint" persists, then it may be on the inside of the lens and caused when it was assembled at the factory. That would be a fine reason to return under warranty, as it would truly be a "manufacturing defect".