Monday, July 26, 2010

The magic of a spiral notebook

I mentioned in a recent post that I wanted to buy a spiral notebook.  Well, Friday Cliff and I had occasion to visit the Walmarts (ha) and I went to the school supplies section.  
Boy, did I have a surprise coming.  Do you have any idea the price they put on a simple, one-subject spiral notebook these days?

One like this?  
Sit down, and I'll tell you.
Are you sitting down?  

OK, brace yourself.  The cost of this notebook, which I'm sure used to be well over a dollar, is now fifteen cents.  I couldn't believe it!
So I bought two.  Yeah, I'm the last of the big-time spenders.

And now I think I'm about ready to write some songs and take my show on the road.
I forgot what sloppy handwriting I had, and I'm pretty sure it's gotten worse since I discovered computers and starting typing everything.  
This evening was my first time alone with the notebook; I laid it beside my chair and watched TV and waited for inspiration.  Indeed, the inspiration came, but it wasn't on any of the subjects I had already written down.  Dang it, I guess I have a lot of things to get off my chest.  
You know, all those things I just can't talk about to anybody but Cliff.  But I can sing them to anybody who will listen.


Lori said...

When Wal-Mart (and all the other big stores) have their back-to-school sales I like to stock up, because I assure you, normally it is a dollar or more for a one-subject notebook.


GREAT DEAL you got on the notebooks. I picked up a couple myself, but I had to pay $1.99 each. They are pink with flowers on the front, though. Hopefully they'll inspire me, the way yours do. I hope you write lots and lots of songs. Good Luck.

Wil said...

Your handwriting is more legible than mine. I doubt the grand-kids could read mine, but then, they aren't even taught cursive in schools these days. Just something else that will need reinvention come the collapse.

MissKris said...

It's been so many years since I bought school supplies I thought you were going to tell me it cost $5, haha! Phewwwww...glad to know SOMETHING hasn't skyrocketed in price. Speaking of handwriting, since I dislocated the middle finger on my left hand - and, no, I haven't been to the doctor to get it fixed because it doesn't hurt and I keep forgetting about it until I do something like try to write -- I am amazed at how the change of grip has changed my handwriting! Outside of writing tithe checks for church I hardly ever do any handwriting any more. Everything is online, and with arthritis becoming more of a problem in my hands all the time - the ache never goes away - it's so much less painful to type. Plus I type over 70 wpm so typing keeps up with my brain much better, too.

Toon said...

I love spiral notebooks and probably have accumulated a hundred or so of them over the years. Very old school!

Anonymous said...

I write in a spiral almost every day.
That is how I "blog" now---just for me.

Funny that I found it so odd that they were so cheap the last time I bought them also. 6 for a $1. I bought 6.