Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Well, would you look at this!

I've been watching with interest the popularity of the Kindle and the Nook.  I'm not ready to invest in either, but my curiosity has been aroused.  The one thing I'm still curious about is whether all public libraries have the ability to "lend" their books to these wonderful, new-fangled reading devices.  Because that is the point that would eventually persuade me to spend some of Cliff's money on one.   I suppose I could just call my local library and ask.  
Somehow in my browsing the Internet today I saw "Kindle for Mac, free download".  
What's this?  I can get Kindle on my computer, free?  
Indeed I can and did, and began shopping away for books at  Free books, because I really don't think I'll be sitting in this computer chair to read books; I log enough time here as it is.  But this gives me a chance to see how I like Kindle, and whether I think it would be worth buying.  I downloaded Ben Franklin's autobiography to start with.  
There's also a free download for your PC, if that's what you own.  
I love freebies.  


Astaryth said...

Go to Barnes and Noble and download their app to read on your PC too. It is also free and if you search for e-books using the 0.00 as your search there are 95,000 free books :) Also, on facebook, follow Nook and they give away a free e-book every week for a limited time. Those 'Friday Freebies' are often by best selling authors.

One Caveat to be aware of. At this time the only e-readers that can 'borrow' books from a library are the Nook, the Sony e-readers, and the Kobo. The Kindle does NOT allow you to read library books AND it does not read e-pub format, which is the format most free or borrowed books from anywhere except Amazon come in.

Yep, I've done my research :)

Astaryth said...

Oh, and I don't know which cellphone you have, but ask your daughter, there are apps to let you read e-books that work on some cell phone and they are FREE to download also :)

Donna. W said...

Thanks SO much for the advice, Astaryth. Rachel probably wouldn't be interested in that app because she doesn't read many books... probably because she doesn't have time.

Lindie said...

I had been wondering the same thing. I reserve all my books from Mid Continent online and have noticed they have "electronic resoures" now. I asked them when I was in last week what that meant and they said at this time they don't have books that can be downloaded on Kindle but they do have audio books that can be downloaded on an ipod.

Sheila Y said...

FYI, I heard recently from Clark Howard that all e-readers should get cheaper by years end because of the iPad. He estimated around $99. I almost got one for Christmas, but decided to wait because I still have a lot of books to read. But if the prices do go down a lot then I may get one this Christmas.

Lori said...

Cool! I'm not ready to get a Kindle or Nook, but I do download audio books, newspapers, and podcasts onto my iPod, for my very own listening pleasure! The newspapers and podcasts are free, and so are many of the audio books. I have a subscription to, so I get a book from them each month.

Leslee said...

I have a Kindle, bought it almost a year ago. I love it. Amazon always has a wide variety of free books, that change every couple weeks..I can tell you that out of the 68 books currently on my Kindle, I only paid for maybe 10 or 15 of then. Kindle holds a charge for a very long time, I read on a daily basis and only have to charge it about once a month. I take it to the pool, on vacation,on the plane. So much nicer to carry around in my purse then a bulky book.

Midlife Mom said...

Yah! I finally got on to comment. Ever since I changed to Blogger Chrome I have trouble getting on some sites.

My husband has a Kindle and loves it. I have never used it as I like the feel of the book in my hands. Weird I know. Must look into the freebie download though, I do love those freebies!! Thanks!

Nance said...

eBooks are great ! I have Kindle for iPAD...I love it. Some of my favorite authors have 'free' books at Amazon. I love reading books on my iPAD. The KINDLE is a great reading device, but for just a few $$ more the iPAD packs in more 'goodies' to go along with the Kindle App for books.