Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dateline NBC

I watched a most touching story this evening on Dateline NBC showing how the poorest people in America are the ones who suffer most during this recession.  While I have a problem with people who keep having kids they can't afford in this age of birth control, and people who cry "My kids are starving" while they smoke brand-name cigarettes, I was very impressed with Lisa Roberts, the lady operating a food pantry for these needy folks in Ohio.  
Lisa makes me ashamed of myself.  

To see a slideshow from the program, click HERE and click on the arrows to go from one picture to another.  


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Compassion for others is something to be admired and something we all should have. We who have so much just don't know how very blessed we are. Sorry I missed the program but I do know there are truly needy people out there.

Anonymous said...

It broke my heart too Donna. At times, I feel sorry for myself for this and that. I drive a 94 Chrysler Le baron. Sometimes the radio works, the ceiling material is hanging down. This car has more life in it. It doesn't have 120,000
yet. I need to replace a piece to the compressor so my air works again. Hopefully in Aug. I will get it done. While I am running errands, I get hot. Then, I thank God and Jesus I even have a car. I have enough food, Electric and water is paid. We have cable TV. I've been homeless and it's a road I pray I don't go down again. When we have our Lord, we can do all things. My faith gets me through.

small farm girl said...

Donna, I live in this area. Yes there are people who are "really" poor. But, the majority of people here don't WANT to work. They only want to work for very HIGH paying jobs. There are always jobs at stores and fast food resturants. But, those jobs are "below" them. Another problem is the drugs. They are everywhere! This area is known for it's drug problem. This area is 4 on the list of drug related crimes. That includes places like L.A. and N.Y.

People will stand on the bridges around here with signs that say will work for food. I know people who go and offer these people very GOOD paying jobs. They have turned down the jobs because they can make more money begging.

We have had people come to our church asking for money. We tell them they can clean the parking lot or sweep the sidewalks for money. They turn it down and go to the next church to see if they will give them the money for free.

The work ethic is horrible around here! They don't want to work! Oh, and don't feel sorry for people that don't have food. There are plenty oppertunities around here for them to grow gardens and such. 90% of the people KNOW how to grow a garden, but why should they when they can get it for free.

Oh, and the lady that lived in the trailer, she had fake nails on. Since that is my job, I know she spends anywhere from $20 to $40 every 2 week on them. Now tell me where their priorities are.

Sorry for the rant, but I get so mad at people around here for WANTING people to feel sorry for them and give them hand outs. If they would just TRY to better themselves I wouldn't feel this way.

Once again, sorry this is so long.

Your friend,

Robbie said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing this. It really is incredibly humbling to me. I often wonder where the line is that separates me from people such as this. Is it a paycheck? Is it not having children?

I came from nothing and have worked at everything and anything since I was a child in order to support myself. I choose not to have children because I can't afford them. I feel very lucky because something inside of me saw a different way. I think people in these dire situations just don't have that vision and I wonder how we can give it to them or is it too late by a certain age.

Those pictures were mesmerizing! Thanks again!

ms martyr said...

@Robbie, I once heard a speech about life choices and he indicated that a study had been done over a 30+ year period which indicated that a person's core beliefs were pretty much set by age 4.
There have also been interesting studies about individual's comfort zones. Sometimes when you help to improve someone's lifestyle, they will return to the old because that is what is normal and comfortable for them.