Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'm SO frustrated

A couple of years ago, my sister-in-law next door more or less permenantly loaned me a Fuminator to use on Sadie, who was a pretty bad shedder.  I used it on her regularly for awhile, then got lazy about it and thought, "I may as well put this up for now."  
I now have a dog whose shedding makes Sadie look, in retrospect, like an amateur.  I need that Furminator.
But I've forgotten where I stored it.  
Here's what's strange:  I distinctly recall thinking to myself when I moved it from its spot in the kitchen, "Are you sure you'll remember where you're putting this?"  
So why can't I remember where I put it?  
It's doubly exasperating because it isn't mine to lose, for pete's sake.  
I know I didn't throw it away, but I spent over an hour today looking in closets and boxes and in drawers and on shelves.  I extended my search to the garage.  No luck whatsoever.  

In other news, the peaches will soon be ripe.  They're already developing a nice blush.  I'm afraid that limb that's so loaded with peaches will break; we've already lost two limbs, and those peaches get heavier every day.  I've done my spraying this year, so hopefully I won't lose so much of my crops to worms.  Last year I was eating peaches on August 1.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

August is not far away and I envy your peach crop there. I did buy some this week as everyone was saying how good they are. Haven't ate one yet though. I know what you mean about being frustrated. I am constantly in the research department. Always putting things in a SAFE place that is so good I can never find them. Best to forget it for awhile and maybe it'll appear.

Margaret said...

I love fresh peaches, but have no luck at all picking them out in the stores. I managed to put a digital camera battery charger somewhere SECRET(tore the house apart) and ended up having to buy another one. I was VERY frustrated too!! Hope you find it soon.

Wil said...

I'm sure you mean you have misplaced your sister-in-law's "FURminator deShedding Tool". Way too expensive a tool to lose. So how about in the medicine closet? Cliff's tool chest? Glove box of the car you got rid of? Under the spaghetti tongs in the kitchen cabinet? On the back of the powder room toilet, under the TP cozy?

Or did you forget that you had returned it to your sister-in-law? Yeah, that's the ticket...

lindie said...

I am house and dog sitting this week down in Raymore at my daughters. Her peach tree has branches touching the ground! I have picked and given away 4 bags so far and it doesn't look like I have picked any! I have some that I am going to use to try to make a peach salsa tomorrow. Peaches, marmalade crystalized ginger, green onions and a little apple cider vinegar and sugar. Maybe a jalapeno!