Wednesday, July 07, 2010

The Windmill Inn

Cliff suggested we spend Sunday afternoon and night in Branson.  When we go to Branson, we like to park the motorcycle or car at our motel and walk to the shows and attractions; it keeps us from sitting in the tremendous traffic jam that has made Branson famous.
Finding a motel was not a concern; there are always lots of vacancies, because people got carried away building motels in the seventies.  Finding a halfway decent motel, however, can be a daunting task.
We discussed this as we sped up highway 65 toward our destination.
"Hey, there's that one motel where we stayed with the granddaughters once," I said.  "It was pretty decent; actually, we've stayed there twice, and I got a letter this year saying it's under new ownership.  They might have made some improvements since we were last there."
"Yeah, but how will we find it," Cliff asked.
I remembered walking down and across the street to McDonald's last time we were there, so we looked for the Golden Arches and found the Windmill Inn easily.
As we checked in, I asked about the Wifi.
"Well, it's not working so well," the girl informed me.

I remembered their less-than-perfect Internet connection from the previous stay.  Your browser is in a window with ads at the top of the screen, which you can see in this screen shot I took (click to make it larger).  This time the Internet connection was sporadic at best.  Poor Cliff couldn't catch up on his Craigslist ads because the connection kept fading away.

The commode seldom flushed completely, as seen here (don't worry, there's only toilet paper in there).  

Stains on the mattress didn't do much for my peace of mind.  At first I thought the sheets hadn't been changed, because the bed was so sloppily made, but closer inspection eased my mind on that score.  The sheets, by the way, were ragged and yellowed.  
I didn't take pictures of the dead flies in the windowsill, and there's no way I can describe the odor in the room, predominantly urine.  
You're probably wondering why we didn't go elsewhere.  It was the last night of our road trip, and 76 boulevard was already getting messy; it didn't seem worth the effort to get out there in that traffic nightmare on our motorcycle.  We did not avail ourselves of the free breakfast; we stopped at McDonald's on our way out of town Monday morning.  
You can read reviews of the place HERE.  Most of them are from a couple years back:  Trust me, the place has only gotten worse.


Midlife Mom said...

Aghhhhh! Don't you just hate an iffy motel room! We landed in one last year that was the pits and even had the refrigerator in the bathroom beside the toilet! Needless to say we will never stay there again! GAG!

Yes it was a lovely 4th. I just enjoy so much being outside and doing things with the kids especially the rock slide. They just love that and you'd think it was some water slide at Disney or something. Some times less is more.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

The name is so pretty that I was picturing such a nice place...sorry your stay wasn't great but at least you were out of the traffic like you say. I hope you got to enjoy the evening anyway. I like MD's breakfast so I'd not complain about that at all.

Anonymous said...

I just read your daughter's lovely tribute to you. Happy Happy Birthday.


Lori said...

I hope you are going to write a more recent review!