Thursday, July 29, 2010

For certain select people

I did an entry with the lyrics to a song I wrote entitled "Willie".  Four people said they'd like to hear me sing it:  Vicki, Lori, Russ, and Fernan.  If you four will email me at so I'll know where to send it, I will send you the link to a Youtube video of me singing the song.  I have it set as private right now, but once I've heard from you four I'll open it up for a short time  Any relatives are welcome to see it too, you'll just have to let me know.  I'm not crazy enough to put it on my blog; I was in my nightgown when I made the video.  Oh, and the video will only be up for a day or two before I make it private again.  
Contact me, you four people, if you want to hear the tune of the song.  
I am only doing this because of my friend Shirlie, who died this week.  I told her a long time ago that I would do a Youtube video of me singing a song I wrote called "Million Dollar Car", and I never got around to it.  Now it's too late.


Debbie said...

Well, gosh darn, I would love to hear you singing the song about Willie but I haven't had sound on my computer since it crashed several months ago. And, I think,(at least for me), wearing a nightgown is freeing, to me it says the comforts of home.

Lori said...

Donna!! That was really beautiful! I loved the melody, and you have a really beautiful, strong, and true voice. I grew up in a family that would get together on Sundays and harmonize on the old songs. You have the same kind of voice that my parents, uncles, and aunts have/had. I found myself humming along in harmony with you. Thank you for posting this and for allowing me to see and hear you perform it. And I thought you looked great sitting there in your nightgown - lol - especially that big smile at the end! You have no need to be shy about putting your voice, guitar-playing, or song-writing out there for us. Thank you!