Saturday, July 17, 2010

Remember we were looking for a certain tractor?

Cliff got the starter relay put on our motorcycle yesterday, so we needed to take a celebratory ride this morning.  There was a tractor in Pleasant Hill we were interested in, so that's where our little road trip took us.
This was on Craigslist, and only forty miles from home.  We would have preferred an Oliver 550, a much newer model with more horsepower.  But this was in our price range, at $1,500.  It needs some work (and better tires), but Cliff thinks it's basically in good shape.  So we rode home and exchanged the Gold Wing for the pickup and trailer.    

On our way through Pleasant Hill, I noticed the strangest sign.
Click on the picture to make it larger.  What on earth do you suppose that's about?  


Gabrielle Howard Gengler said...

Hi Donna, my girlfriend, Sharon and I went down to Chamois to the " Townley's farm" before noon . He's a country veterinarian and we all belong to Fairgrounds Road Church of Christ. Sharon needed to bring " Chief" all 4 pounds of him to be neutered. The cats needed shots too. I got some seeds off her four O' clock's while Sharon helped him with surgery. She's an RN and has lived on a farm so the cauterizing smell didn't faze her. Their always so hospitable and asked us to stay for the noon meal . She had two unusual jellies, one was made from small yellow tomatoes and the other from green mint. I enjoyed both of them with the meal. She had picked fresh black berries and we had those with ice cream. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
While we were talking at the kitchen table , Norma Jean got out the Farm Bureau newsletter. Doc Townley has restored 1947 McCormick
Farmall Model B. I automatically thought of Cliff and his love for tractors. I wanted to share with you the web site.- Enjoy your weekend :)


Wil said...

Guessing, now, as I haven't set foot in Missouri in over 35 years, but "Something Awful" may be the office of a private security agency, or a militaristic fringe group, or just the clubhouse of a bunch of old reenactors from the Korean conflict or WWII...

Nope, actually, from a Google search hit on a Wikipedia entry comes the awful truth:
"Headquarters, Lee's Summit, Missouri, ... Something Awful, often abbreviated to SA, is a comedy website housing a variety of content, including blog entries..."

Fernan said...

Please extend my congratulations upon Cliff's requisitioned new baby.

Hey I'm still looking forward to some progress pictures of the 1855.

I remember the plowing. Looked and sounded good. I also remember a rainy day picnic in the shop amongst some painted Oliver tractor pieces. :^)

We've three hydra-drives to rebuild this coming winter. Personally having driven three Oliver's with the three speed Hi-Lo's I'd like to do some serious trading for three more.

Threatened rain every other day our first cutting hay has yet to be finished. Our hay stores are looking better this season than any the last five years.

Goofy identity thingy has just had me jumpng through hoops to post. Dang! I'm wishing I could better remember who I am? ;^)

Fernan said...

Back again having taken one last look at the new combination use tractor. City tires on the front country tires on the back.

I'm just imagining the two of you going to town in twenty years Cliff driving this tractor with a trailer or wagon in tow with an arm chair on it and you in it. (hahahohohehe)

The Devil made me write it!

Lindie said...

an exterminator office?

Lori said...

I typed in "something awful Missouri" and this is what I found:

Also, they have a web site here:

That must be their corporate office in Missouri.