Monday, July 26, 2010


After our weekend visitors left yesterday, I brought six nice-sized eggplants in from the garden, so I called my daughter and invited her family over for eggplant paramesana.  I can't really say I was fixing a proper meal, but they hadn't had a taste of my version of this dish, and they're always willing participants in any sort of food-sampling venture.  
Once they left, Cliff and I decided to go for a motorcycle ride.  Not a long one, since it was four o'clock, and we don't ride in the dark.  Just a nice little getaway spin.  
Not two miles from home, we felt our Gold Wing miss just a little bit... maybe just a one-time fluke?  Cliff thought there might be some water in the gas.  We forged on; when it happened again, he said it seemed like a carburetor problem.  We had planned to just ride 24 highway for awhile, then turn and come back; but Cliff instead went on to Truman Road (yes, Truman Road does extend all the way from Kansas City into the boonies, so far out you can almost hear the banjo music).  
When we turned onto Truman Road (also known as FF), the bike started really acting up, and finally died; as luck would have it, we were almost to the turnoff to New Oak Winery, and Cliff managed to coast that far, make a turn, and get off on the side road leading up to the place.  

His first thought was that he had perhaps failed to tighten up some wire or other when he replaced the starter relay the other day, but he could find no problem in that area.  

He called the son-in-law, who was relieved, I'm sure, to find out we broke down only seven miles from home this time.  He picked us up; he and Cliff took the trailer after the bike, and all was well.  
Once the motorcycle was in the shop, my loving husband found out all we need is a new battery and we'll be on the road again.  
I'll tell you, there's nothing like the excitement of riding a motorcycle; adventure is always right around the corner.  


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm glad you were close to home and had someone to rescue you. It seems the heat drains batteries and with the hot summer we've had it's probably what did it. I had that happen to my car battery a few years ago.

kcmeesha said...

that part of the 24 hwy is always a nice drive/ride. we might still make it there this year.

Anonymous said...

And to show you where my mind is, I read the header & thought....Donna is the very last person to have or write about a mental breakdown....

rons corner said...

Glad everything was okay.

Have you had any probs with deer? A couple from church got hit bad with deer few weeks ago..messed them up pretty bad.

Donna. W said...

Ron, we don't ride in the late evening or at night; that's when the deer are usually out and about. So far we've not even seen a deer while riding the 'Wing, although it wouldn't be unusual if we did see one.

Debbie said...

I'm glad you didn't get stranded far from home and it's a simple fix instead of something major.