Thursday, July 29, 2010

The most prolific crop in my garden

Here it is at the edge of my garden, waiting to send it's little creepers out amongst the plants.  

What appears to be simply a thriving crop of crabgrass is actually a row of potatoes; yes, there are potatoes under all those weeds.  The pile in the foreground is what I pulled this morning.  

Here's a young crabgrass plant, already infiltrating my late cabbage plants.

On the left is my strawberry bed.  And this is the reason I may forget about raising strawberries.  What does one do with weeds that have so infiltrated a crop?    

This is how my hands look after waging war on crabgrass plants for over an hour.  I have gardening gloves, and I know the trick about getting soap under the fingernails before you go outside.  The thing is, I usually don't go outside with the intention of pulling weeds... I may be heading to the mailbox or walking the dog.  Then I see the horrible weeds and start pulling.    
Because of the moisture in the soil, it's fairly easy to pull this weed, but it's impossible to get rid of it.  It sends out runners both above and below the surface of the ground and reproduces itself like mad.
This year has been especially bad for all sorts of weeds because of all the rain we've gotten.  A large portion of the grass growing in our yard has always been crabgrass, but we just mow it and pretend it's bluegrass.  

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small farm girl said...

Don't think of it as a pest. Think of it as camoflauge. lol