Friday, July 02, 2010

Hello from Arkansas

I love the roads in the Ozarks.  In south Missouri, billboards advertising Branson ruin the landscape.  Once you're in Arkansas, the billboards are nonexistent.  I love the gentle hills and winding road of Arkansas.  
As always, we got a little turned around in Harrison.  Happens every time.  You'd think it wouldn't be so hard to find highway 7.  Maybe it's just us.  
We were on our way to the Hub Motel, located at the site of a long-since-defunct amusement park called "Dogpatch".  In fact, the Hub used to be a part of Dogpatch.  The motel sat empty for years.  As I understand it, the present owners purchased it about five years ago and little by little began to restore it.  It's still quite rustic, with 70's decor.    
Cliff and I have ridden past the ghost of Dogpatch a few times, so I thought we'd have no trouble finding the Hub.  
However, we drove past this old sign at least half-a-dozen times, and saw no sign of a motel.  Not a single sign... nothing.  Finally, we pulled over and called Cliff's younger sister, who spent a few days here with her husband recently.  She told us to get off 7 highway onto 7 spur, and we'd be there.  

Finally, on the property itself, we saw a sign saying "Hub".  We grumbled and griped, wondering why on earth these people didn't put signs on 7 highway.  

Still, it was good to see our motel.  The reason they cater to bikers is that this part of Arkansas has some of the best scenic roads around, lots of curves and turns... just what motorcyclists long for.  
The proprietor explained that because it's a historic and scenic road, they are not allowed to put any sort of sign there.  So we forgave her and went to our room.  After freshening up a bit, we went to Scooters, the restaurant on the grounds, and had a wonderful prime rib dinner.   
We are SO tired!
Pretty much a perfect day, I'd say.  And a perfect ride.   
Oh, and I think we'll get rained on before this vacation is over.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Looks like a wonderful trip. I didn't know there really was a Dogpatch. Hope your weather stays clear and sunny for you.

Rachel said...

glad you had a good trip down. Kevin and I went out and checked on your hot tub this morning. It's working OK. You're welcome.

See ya when you get home!

Lindie said...

The last time I was in NE Arkansas was when I was invited to visit a wild life park. The son of the owners was someone I worked with. They raise white tigers and lions. I got to hold baby lions and tigers! Lions are much softer. Glad you got there safely.

madcobug said...

Glad that you two are enjoying yourself. Helen