Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Don't you wish you had neighbors like this?

Cliff and I were watching "The Closer" on DVR after dinner a while ago, when Cliff said, "Uh-oh, the horses are out and running through your garden."
My first thought was that he meant the horses that are boarded here, but I might have known better.
Last year we actually had to put up electric fence around OUR garden to keep the neighbor's horses out of it, because they get out so often.  It's been better this year, so we didn't put up electric fence; we just hoped for the best.
Today wasn't the first time they've been out this year, but it's the first time since spring; back then, there wasn't a lot of damage that could be done to the garden.
It occurred to me that this was material for a blog post, so I went out with my camera.  I was going out anyway, because I wanted to keep the horses away from my corn; every time they ran through, they grabbed a cornstalk.  (Click on the pictures to make them larger, as usual.)
Here they come, right toward my garden.  When I waved my hands and yelled, that diverted them to the end of the garden away from the corn.

See 'em, dodging around to the right?

Now they're heading for my front yard.  In case anybody wonders, these are Tennessee Walkers that nobody rides; one can't even BE ridden; the other is a ride-at-your-own-risk sort of steed.  They managed several trips around the yard during this little escapade. The following ten-second video will give you some idea.

After a half-hour of chasing and several trips through the garden, the two oldest neighbor kids managed to catch the horses and lead them home.  But I would almost bet that now that these horses have had this much fun, they'll probably be here on a daily basis.  That's how it was last year.  


Helen said...

I know that gets aggravating. Helen

small farm girl said...

Corral them in a lot. Then tell your neighbor to pay for damages. Or, take them to the sale. We did that with our neighbors cattle that kept getting out. Of course his was a bull that would come over and fight our bull all the time. His bull would hurt our registered bull everytime. Well, lets just say it won't now. We called the police and they said we could take it to the sale if the owner of the other bull wouldn't do anything about him getting out.

Remo said...

It sounds like you need a part-time horse asswhipper. I know a guy. :)

Cliff said...

I have some (okay, a lot of experience here) Horses can't be 'chased', they have to be tricked or if that doesn't work, killed.
My wife and daughter have 9 of them and when they get out it's always after a big rain. I so enjoyed going into town to buy the most powerful fencer they had. When I check the spark with a screwdriver, I can actually feel the heat from the spark. My wife thinks it might kill a grandkid but the horses haven't been around lately. You can't sell horses anymore.
Although the owner of RFD TV, head quartered in Omaha just bought Roy Rogers 'stuffed' Trigger for $270000, I should say it's hard to sell a living horse.