Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Around the place

I have some tomatoes, fairly large ones.  They aren't pretty, but at least I have some for now  The splits are caused by all the excess rain we've had.  I expect to have no tomatoes at all, a week from now, because the blight is spreading fast.  Several plants are already dead, having given me no tomatoes larger than walnuts.  There are two local places where, hopefully, I can buy decent tomatoes after mine are gone:  Frye Farms at Buckner (no website) and Fahrmeier Farms (a lousy website); they also have a winery.  
The late zucchini I planted is doing well so far, with no sign of a squash bug.  Look closely and you'll see two tiny zucchinis, the largest about an inch-and-a-half long.  I'm that close to the ratatouille I am longing to make.    
I used the last eggplant off my counter last night to make Meesha's eggplant salsa/caviar.  This time I added 1/4 teaspoon of cayenne pepper; one of my better ideas.  

That pathetic little plant is an acorn squash I probably planted too late; we'll see.  

Not only are the cows spending all their free time at my cabin, pooping everywhere; they are now getting ON my porch and knocking the dwarfs over and shoving my camping chair off into the woods.  

But how can I be angry at someone who provides me with meat and milk, and is due to have a baby in three weeks?  Just look at that face.


Anonymous said...

I could never be mad at that adorable face either.

I would like to steal a tomato.

Margaret said...

I would still be mad!! I think the cow's expression is saying, "Ha, ha I can do what I want because I'm cute and pregnant!" We have buds on our tomato plants and that's it. We'll be lucky to get any in August. HOpefully, our fall will be mild so they can survive for a while without freezing.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Is that Bonnie? My goodness a new calf in 3 weeks. How exciting!

Lindie said...

I have some tomatoes on my kitchen counter that I have picked (finally!) in the past few days and had a lovely BLT sandwich last night.Hoping I will get more in the next few weeks. I finally have tiny cucumbers on my potted plants and flowers on my zuchini plants.