Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Nelson-Atkins gallery of art

Cliff's St. Louis sister and I had talked about visiting the art gallery for a long time, and we finally got it done.  I'm fairly sure I had not been there since the sixties.  The two of us like the same kinds of art, so it worked out well.
I found myself admiring feet throughout the day.

Seems to me a foot would be hard to paint.  This is from an artist's depiction of St. Luke in one of my favorite paintings:

St. Luke is shown as an artist showing us a picture he painted of Mary and Jesus.  I should have taken notes, because I don't remember who the angel is.

Just look at this big marble foot.  It belongs to some Greek God or other.

Yes, they are making out sitting on the head of a boar; some other god or goddess had killed it, I think.  I've never been a student of the ancient civilizations and their beliefs.  While I was taking a picture of the guy's foot, a couple of young ladies were using their cell phones to take pictures of other portions of his anatomy, giggling all the while.

  We found a seventeenth-century Elvis.

We found our knights in shining armor; behind them on the left you see the Madonna holding a very chubby baby Jesus, with chubby little baby John the Baptist at her side.

This Italian bears some resemblance to the Gasperinos, our friends who own the winery.  I've decided he must have been a distant relative of theirs.

Here I am with my chair-cane posing with Buddha.  The lady behind the little boy was doing her best to explain the story of Buddhism to her children; I'm not sure they cared to hear it, but I found it interesting.

We got home to find my daughter and her family had moved their barbecue from their place to Cliff's shop, since storms were threatening.  At one point we lost electricity; after that 12-hour stretch of no electricity the other night, I was a little nervous.  So I not only reported our own outage, I also called and reported Cliff's sister's outage as well as two neighbors who, for all I know, might have still had power.  Hey, I like my electricity!  


small farm girl said...

I love the art gallery! I just don't get to go as often as I would like. More like never. I'm not big on going by myself. But that's what you get for marring a redneck. lol

Helen said...

That trip sounds and looks interesting. May your friend in the previous entry rest in peace in her new home. Helen

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Art galleries are always fascinating. I get lost in time going through those places. Glad you got to go and enjoy all those marvelous feet too! I never thought about just how many works of art feature them.

Lori said...

Thank you for sharing your art gallery with us!!