Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Oh, electricity, of thee I sing!

Yesterday evening my TV-DVR watching was interrupted by a power failure caused by sixty-miles-per-hour winds and rain that came sideways.  After forty-five minutes, the rain slowed to a sprinkle and I ran to check the rain gauge:  3 3/4 inches in such a short time!

This looks toward the back of our place; looks like a lake, doesn't it?  There's a drainage pipe there, and it rained so hard and fast that it couldn't keep up.  
The evening was rather enjoyable; my sister-in-law and I found all sorts of interesting things to keep us entertained during the power outage, like three cop cars going to the neighbors.  Evidently their horses had escaped again, and for once they must have headed down the highway instead of coming here!  Anyhow, I saw the kids leading them up the driveway after the cops left.
There was quite a light show when a transformer blew, down by the highway.  
Confident the electricity would be restored in a couple of hours, I got my Ipod, put it in the battery-powered I-home, and enjoyed the wide range of music I have there.  That's my handy-dandy flashlight beside it.
Now remember, we have a well.  So when our power is out we have no water:  No flushing, no bathing, no way to make coffee.  Not a big deal as long as power is restored before too long.
When Cliff came in from work at 3 A.M., there was still no power.  OK, we have a freezer chock-full of meat; I began to worry.  Unable to sleep when I'm worried, I got up.  
If only I had a battery-powered radio so I could listen to the news and weather, I thought; then I remembered there was one back at the cabin.  I put on my Muck boots and with flashlight in hand, waded mud to get back there and retrieve it, only running into a couple of cobwebs on the way.  
At six o'clock A.M., I saw the sister-in-law taking her dog out, getting ready to go to work; I went out to let her know that there were only three or four homes without power.  I knew this because I had taken a stroll around the yard in the dark, checking to see who had lights and who didn't; I wondered if Kansas City Power and Light would take their sweet time, since so few people were involved.  
Thank goodness, while we were talking the dusk-to-dawn light came on and we knew we were back in the modern age of light switches and indoor plumbing.  
I came to the house, flushed the stool, and made coffee.  
Life is good.  Except that I need a nap.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm glad you got the rain but not the power outage. We could use a little here at home. It keeps going south of us and that is where my camper is of course. We've had plenty of rain there. Glad you got all the conveniences of electricity back on. What would we do without it? I do think you deserve a nap this afternoon after all your early morning endeavors.

Tawnya said...

I totally understand. The weekend of Father's Day, we had no power. On top of that it was the weekend that Doug's dad died. Finally, the day after Father's day late afternoon we had power back. I read 5 books in 3 days. So happy to have the TV back!