Saturday, July 17, 2010

Early birds and night owls

I've always been an early bird; I really can't say I like waking up at 5 A.M. every single day of my life, but it happens, even if I stay up until midnight the night before.  I'd love to know what it feels like to "sleep in" until say, eight or so.    
I do, however, love my mornings, especially in spring, summer and fall.  I like to go outside with my coffee and my Bible, wipe the dew or raindrops off my anti-gravity lawn chair, watch the sun rise, and listen to the birds sing.  I usually do this even before I check in on the Internet, which shows you what a high priority my mornings hold.  
Iris hangs out nearby, enjoying my mornings with me, occasionally placing a ball in my lap in hopes I'll throw it for her.  
Cliff can be found in bed during these times, sound asleep.  He works nights, you know.  That's a good thing, because I really don't want my mornings interfered with.  
The 3:30 to midnight shift always worked perfectly for him:  he'd be in bed by 1 A.M. and awake by 8 o'clock, having hours ahead of him to play work in his shop before he had to leave for work again at 2:30.   
I can't say his current shift works out so well:  he still leaves at 2:30 P.M., but he doesn't get home until 3 A.M.  He has trouble staying in bed for seven hours; if I'd let him, he'd be trying to get by on about four hours of sleep.  But I know he needs to get more rest than that, and I nag him to go back to sleep when he rises too early.  It's my job, you know.  Nagging.  
The upside of this grueling schedule of his is that he only has to work four days a week.  He and I both wonder at times if the payoff is worth it.
When Cliff was off work for three months after open heart surgery, his hours changed to my hours.  That was fine with me; I was just glad he was alive and kicking!  And any other time he's been off work very long, he becomes an early riser along with me.  
But he isn't a true early bird, because he goes straight to his recliner for about two hours, no matter when he gets up.  Cliff likes to wake up slowly, sipping coffee and watching the news and surfing Craigslist.  He misses the loveliest part of the day sitting in the house!
During his work week we end up going for our walk at 11:30 in the morning.  We've having a heat wave plus high humidity in Missouri, so it's a sauna out there by that time; believe me when I say we walk very slowly.   
When Cliff retires, he'll probably be awake at 6 A.M. every day.  I will adjust my schedule so that I make his coffee and oatmeal first, and then go outside and do my thing while he does his sitting in the Lazy-boy.  That should work just fine.
Adjustments must be made when an early bird marries a night owl.  
Speaking of early birds, I took a video of one (mockingbird, I think?) this very morning.  Click HERE if you want to see the action; he was really showing off with his singing; and notice the high jump he does at the beginning of the video. 
Oh great: now instead of a pesky fingerprint on my lens, I have an ugly dot.  Dear Lord, how do I manage to get into these messes?  


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love mornings in the summer when you can sit outside, but I do still check my computer first thing...I shouldn't but I do. Savoring the warmth outside is really more important as when it gets cold staying inside will be the norm.

Hyperblogal said...

Beautiful post.

Cliff said...

You wouldn't believe how many times I've tried to respond to your nice visit to my blog. I'm having server troubles and have been using my cell phone as a provider. Sometimes it's really fast and most times it's a little slower than dial up.
They tell me just a little longer and the new service will be available.
Sooo...thanks for the vist.
We have a lot in common not the least of which is Bodacious sweet corn. I just tried something new. Our first planting is ready and I just now planted a new bunch. I'm not sure it will mature in time. We have a large patch that we use of our families and as advertising for Marilyn's boarding and grooming kennel. We give sweet corn away to her customers. They really think it's neat.
The Great Nebraska Tractor Ride that my last column is about may be of interest to you guys. You should come up for next years ride. I was surprised at the number of states represented there. It seem folks get a lot better picture of America when on a small open tractor.
I'm going to get you listed on my sidebar so I can find you easily.
We must be a few weeks behind you crop wise. Our tomatoes are still small and green, the cucumbers are just now producing along with the sweet corn.
btw...the Morrows have trouble staying in bed past 5 also. I think it's a "I'm glad we survived another night" thing.