Thursday, July 08, 2010

Someone has taken over my cabin in the woods

Yep.  Every time Cliff and I get to the part of our walk that takes us around my cabin, there's Bonnie-the-Jersey-cow, looking as though she thinks we're intruding.  I have a feeling that if the door were open, she and little #43 (the brother-in-law's heifer) would be inside on the bed.  

She watches our retreat, as though saying, "Don't let the gate hit you in the behind."


Lori said...

That's such a cute picture of her peeking around the corner!

Anonymous said...


Fernan said...

Some say a Birthday is a whole week's celebration. so....


66 hey? Glad that isn't 666! only two 6's makes you only 2/3rds bad. (hehe)

Oh I do like the animals faces. Especially when they've gotten out. I find them and holler and most know they are not where they belong. some start for home with a lively start, some looking like they're giving my an oh hum look, and then there;s always the last one, a "You don't mean me," given look.

I've been a naughty boy a couple times this last week setting fences stopping by the fields sides for a handful stop in the blackberries. Yeah I know I should take out a pail and pick us both some. But trying to stay ahead of the game my time seams to run shorter everyday. Bah!

Wish I could ask you to save us two pieces of pie. I sure could go for some yum. ;)