Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Garden stuff

I have had some outstanding successes in the garden this year.  I shouldn't let my life be ruined by the fact that my favorite vegetable, the tomato, has broken my heart by running off with Mr. Blight.  

The Bodacious sweet corn, for instance; this is my second planting; I'd say we'll be eating corn-on-the-cob again in a week or so.  Corn planted later in the season tends to be awfully wormy, so I went out this morning to use a trick my daddy told me about.  

As soon as the silks appear, I put a pinch of Sevin dust on each ear.  If it were to rain in the next day or two, I'd probably go out and re-apply the Sevin.  

Remember the zucchini plant that was ruined by squash bugs?  It tried to resurrect itself, but the new incarnation isn't doing much.   

My recently planted zucchini, on the other hand, looks great and is forming blooms.  I'm not getting my hopes up, though.  I may even put up a sign saying, "Welcome, squash bugs; enjoy your new digs."  

Because I laugh at pain.  

I have eggplants galore.  

As long as I occasionally apply a little Sevin dust, green beans have never let me down.  

This one hill of cucumbers is producing far more cukes than we'll ever eat.  

And now, we'll talk about those tomatoes.  

These tomatoes are ripening prematurely because blight has almost killed the mother plant.  I may can a few of them, although I really don't have the heart.  They are pathetic little things, misshapen and splitting. 

Some plants aren't as "blighty" as others, and I have hopes of getting a few larger, prettier tomatoes for the table from these before blight overtakes them completely.  

So there you have it.  And how does your garden grow?


small farm girl said...

My garden is doing horrible this year. One of my worst years.

patsy said...

my uncle would take a eye dropper and put a drop of mineral on the silks just as they came out to kill the dreaded worms on corn.
If I were you I would comsume the blighted tomatoes they will be better than any the store has to offer. my have not done well eather but fleta has gobs and she share.
when she was a baby and I had to take care of her some times I wanted to chuck her down a rabbit hole, glad I didn't now.

Anonymous said...

Donna, Sadly most of my tomatoes plants have blight really bad also. But I have been able to pick quite a few before it was too late. My green peppers have been great this year! Karen

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Due to the fact that I don't garden any more the road side stands are serving their purpose well for me. You just have to count your blessings though as some of your garden is excelling itself. Thank goodness for seven dust. It's really had a work out here over the years and always does a good job.

Amy said...

Jesse says me cutting cucumbers is better than any air freshener.... I should just chop some up and leave it by the door for when he comes in after work....hee....

(LOL...my WV is pshests.)

Anonymous said...

I love your garden, but mine doesn't grow. Dad had the best tomatoes & cukes around & I know I can never compete with his---yet I am used to eating the superior quality. Oh well.

I picture him still gardening somewhere.

Gee, this comment was all about me....;0

Helen said...

At least the rest of your garden is looking great. Sorry the blight is getting your tomatoes. We used to use Sevin Dust on our gardens a lot.

Cliff said...

Our Cukes are all succumbing to the blight except for the one she sprayed in time.
The tomatoes look great but it's too early to see red this time of year up here.
Our first crop of bodacious is ready and we're about to start giving it away and freezing it.
Our onions are all huge and about done.
I don't think we have zuchinni but we still lock our car doors when we go to town this time of year for fear someone will put a big load of zuchinni in there.

Lindie said...

My cucumbers are just starting to form, my squash has some blooms and my tomatoes are suffering from blossom end rot. I did pick two really nice heirloom tomatoes yesterday and enjoyed them!