Monday, December 28, 2009

I can't help it

I love this song!


  1. Somehow I've missed seeing/hearing this one over the years. I love 'em both, God rest their souls, and love the song, too!

  2. Lindie8:08 AM

    Love them both. One of my regrets is Johnny came to our base in about 67 and I didn't get to see him, (Ellsworth AFB, SD)

  3. Anonymous3:26 PM

    Dee from Tennessee

    Donna...sad sad note: Please remember in prayer June Carter's cousin, Rita Forrester. Rita's husband recently lost his life in a tragic house fire. A benefit singing for Rita and her boys is scheduled at the Carter Fold. Rita is staying at her mother's house, Janette Carter. Seeing this clip of Johnny just makes me think how Johnny and June would be hurting right along with Rita if they knew --- and for the first time since they passed away, I can say that I'm glad that they don't have to know about this. The Carters are a special family and so well loved around my parts. Johhny and June visited often at Hiltons. People have rallied around Rita as one would expect with much love and concern. It's still hard to believe that it happened.

  4. Ah, thanks for sharing, Dee. Indeed a sad situation. I love the Carters so much, always have. I am saying a prayer for Rita and the boys.


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