Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Yummy things

I was in the mood for some "peachy" dessert this morning and ended up making this cobbler.  Now, I really prefer the kind of cobbler my mom and grandma used to make, which was more of a square or oblong pie; you know, with top and bottom pie crust.  Unfortunately, that would mean we'd be consuming several tablespoons of shortening with each piece, and we don't need that.  
I thought about making peach crisp, but in my experience the crispness doesn't last.  It's only "crisp" right after you make it.  
So I made this kind of cobbler with the shortcake topping; it'll be wonderful with just a little vanilla ice cream.  
Because Cliff gets up at 10 A.M. and leaves at 2:30, it's hard to squeeze in breakfast and dinner; often he'll have just a tiny bit of breakfast to tide him over.  But sometimes, when I am planning a more elaborate dinner, he gets dinner almost as soon as he's out of bed.  I cooked one of the roasts from our butchered steer overnight in the crock pot (it's unbelievably tender).  This always leaves lots of tasty juices with which to make gravy.  I peeled some potatoes from the garden, and I will cook some sort of vegetable to go with this.  
We'll be eating by 10:30.  The worst thing about having dinner for breakfast is that we take our walk after breakfast; we will have some full bellies, walking in the heat of the day.  It's really hard to keep up the daily walk when we don't get out there until 11:30 with temperatures already hitting 90 degrees.  
I have good news from the garden front:

Although my tomato plants are succumbing to blight, it looks like I'll be able to can a few before they're all gone.  There are enough in this picture, I think, for fourteen quarts.  Of course some of them have to ripen a bit first.
I also have bad news on the garden front:  I found a squash bug on the zucchini plant that is almost ready to produce.  I sprayed, but that hasn't helped much in the past.  Oh well, I get an "E" for effort, right?


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Your dinner for breakfast sounds wonderful. It's a great idea to use the crock pot for a roast instead of the oven when it's hot. I'm trying to use mine more and more. The trouble for me is of course the quantity involved. I could cut a roast 3 ways and it would be perfect. So glad to see you have that many tomatoes! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Helen said...

That pie looks great. Glad that you are getting more tomatoes. Helen

Lindie said...

Happy about your roast. Sorry that your vegetables are having problems! How old is your peach tree? I am thinking about moving to Texas and the main problem down there is that the deer eat the trees.

Donna. W said...

Lindie, I think the biggest tree is 10 or 12 years old; there's also a younger tree beside it with a variety of peach that ripens about the time the bigger tree is finished.