Saturday, February 25, 2012

A perfect day

We had a nice family gathering in the shop today.  Cliff's brother Don was here, and my daughter volunteered to make lasagna for the group.  I made a pineapple sheet cake.
Before everyone got here, I took Iris and my granddog Titan for a walk.  Titan wasn't sure about the horses; he figured maybe they were just Great Danes, like him.

My daughter made the lasagna in my kitchen.  Cliff's sister had breakfast and supper covered for today, but she and the sister-in-law went on a day-long shopping trip.  So I'm glad Rachel took care of the noon meal.  Don't forget, I made the cake.  
Some of the people had gone home when I took this.  My tardy oldest grandson had not arrived yet.  We chose to eat in the shop because it looked like quite a crowd for the trailer house.

My husband gave our daughter some sort of fatherly advice while Heather looked on.

Nephew Scott, his two kids, and a friend were among the guests.

Scotty asked me to get my guitar and sing.  These are the most enthusiastic fans I have had in years; in this picture they are listening to me sing.  Haily was especially impressed, so I must be better than I thought.  Of course, I was singing "The Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly", which impresses all little kids.  
Isn't she a beauty?  

She's grown a lot since the day I first met her.  

After everybody left, Cliff and his brother went back to work sanding a couple of old tractor fenders.  Some of the group did a little target practicing in the pasture.  I brought Iris and my granddog, Titan, to the house for some much-needed rest.  

We were pooped after such a big day.  Titan isn't quite as big as the couch yet, but he's working on it.  


  1. It WAS a good day!

  2. Looks like a fun day!

  3. Great family times! You should post your own You Tube videos!

  4. Looks like The Great Dane is working on being as big as the horses. Nice to have a big shop like that to meet in. Did Cliff clean it up after the get-together? I bet he did he keeps it so neat.

  5. What a crowd. I would fall apart if I had to come up with an impromptu meal to feed everybody. LOL Looks like you and your daughter got it done without a fuss. What fun to be all together for the day. Would have loved to hear you sing. Haily is indeed beautiful, grandma. Titan looks like he's a tad bit small for the chair, though. take care.

  6. I always think that family times are the very best! Glad you all enjoyed the day!

  7. So where are the vids of you and that song on Youtube? (grin)

  8. Short sleeves at the end of February. Go figure, right?

  9. Looks like fun was had by all.
    There's always a lot of target practice that goes on around here too at get togethers.
    I spent the afternoon in the shop too. Putting a seat back on the 4020 after a rebuild.


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