Sunday, February 05, 2012

Zoom in on Gratitude: 30 day challenge


We got our first computer in 1998, and it was love at first sight for me.  It took another ten years before Cliff finally discovered the magic that is the Internet.  He spends at least a couple of hours daily on his laptop, surfing through all the tractor message boards and Craigslist.  He checks in at breakfast, lunch, and dinner and sometimes spends a whole evening watching TV and surfing at the same time.  
I'm halfway through the 30 day photo challenge.


  1. I wasn't very into the internet at first, but we had young kids, so all those educational DVDs were great. My younger daughter can probably still recognize most of the world's flags because of 3D Atlas!

  2. We got our first computer back in 1979. It was all assembly language. My husband gave me prompts written on a piece of paper so I could access it. He was online at work but it was rudimentary, talking to just one computer. Then in the 80's I got online, online for the first time. It was dial up. We had Prodigy. Imagine, no mouse. Just arrow keys. But I fell in love, like you did. All that information at my fingertips. It was AMAZING. It has changed our lives, hasn't it Donna? Cliff looks so content to be sitting there surfing the web. Life doesn't get any better than that, does it? ENJOY. Take care.

  3. Lindie12:28 AM

    Love, love the Internet! I especially like learning about other people in this world and how their lives are. Also love cooking blogs.

  4. I think Pap and Granny would enjoy technology in the same way Cliff does-but trying to convince them of that is another thing : )

  5. I love the internet!!! I'm glad Cliff finally decided to give it a try. You can learn so much on the internet, and I love Facebook too. I hope you, and Cliff are having a great day!


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