Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I'm amused at this

I received a panicky email this morning that informing me that on January 1, 2012, the government is going to initiate a 1% tax on all bank transactions.  At that time, the government is also going to require all social security checks to be received by direct deposit.  "Obama's finance team" is responsible for this whole dastardly scheme.  
At the bottom of the email is a link to Snopes, with the advice to "check it out on Snopes".  
I clicked on the link.  
Sure enough, it took me directly to information about this email.  
Snopes informed me that Obama had nothing to do with this proposal; only one lone representative with no support has proposed the 1% tax.  
Oh, and by the way, January 1, 2012 has come and gone.  
Hey, it made me smile.  An email that includes a link verifying that it is a lie.    

On another note, I took word verification off my comments yesterday.  I get an email when someone leaves a comment, and I received some emails of comments that were obviously spam.  However, when I came to my blog to delete them, they weren't here.  Blogger is not allowing them on my blog!  
Good work, Google Blogger.  So as long as the spam is being taken care of automatically, I can keep things simple for my commenters.  
I am already getting advice and help from Canadian readers, and will be receiving a map before long.  Some people, one of them my daughter, have suggested we get AAA before we travel.  I'll check that out and see how much it costs.  

Oh, do you know anyone within twenty miles of Kansas City who needs and deserves a new roof?  Click HERE to nominate them.


  1. I have been a member of AAA for years mostly because I don't know a thing about changing a tire and can depend on them to help out should I need it. They have changed some tires and even replaced a battery for me. The also towed away my car when I had that wreck last summer at no cost. When we went on our trip last year they supplied loads of free maps and we got discounts where we stayed because I belonged to them. We also got senior citizen discounts too. I think it would be a wise investment for you if you are traveling.

  2. We are big believers in AAA, too. Hooked up with them (AAA) about four years ago and when the oldest started driving, we got him on the plan also. That's three drivers in a family of five on a literal no-extra-money kind of budget, but it's more than paid for itself over and over (one time with a tow after hitting a deer, at least three times with tows related to tired cars that no longer wanted to run). I like the peace of mind it gives me when I'm on the road without the husband.

  3. I've heard wonderful things about AAA. I'm trying to get the hubby to look into it.

  4. Your insurance company on your car also has an inexpensive add on that will do much more for the same money and you can cancel it after you're home.
    I have comment notification turned on, on all posts that are more than 15 days old. That also works nicely. It keeps the spam off of the old ones and I watch the new ones. You are correct, blogger is doing a pretty good job of keeping the spammers away as I get vert few comments on my old blogs anymore.

  5. Lindie12:33 PM

    I got this same email yesterday except it was to warn you not to vote for Obama because they were planning on voting this in after the election. The date was for 2013.

  6. Hi:
    Didn't stop by 2 talk trips although if we were 15yrs younger I'd have liked us to take that transcontinental train trip coast 2 coast and back. But alas both of us hosting so many part-timers problems it isn't to be.
    Reality setting in I really come by to say hello. Been busy up here enough it's sickened me enough to lay a day off. Shop projects have and been 2 trucks 2 tractors, i oil-house, and scrounging hay to get us through Spring. This my only rest day in weeks'n'months thought I'd look in and say hello.
    1655 ehh. Personally, I'd easily trade a Leland off for one.
    Meanwhile, I've quit FB and returned to my in house writing my short stories. When I’ve enough for another book, I’ll see?
    Good garden luck.

  7. I've been a member of AAA since 1995. My hubby has been a member for at least 35 years. They will route the trip for you. Give you free maps. Books with sites to see and places to sleep. And if something happens to the car along the way, they will help you roadside. Plus you get a discount using your card. More than paid for itself with us. I agree with you about word verification being a pain.

  8. Those crazy forwards!! I get them too and always check up on them. I guess many people must not. Sad!!


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