Friday, February 24, 2012

MSG and me

I had an appointment with the doctor at 1 P.M. today.  Cliff and I had some errands to run, so we took care of those and still had plenty of time to kill before my appointment.  It was noon, I was hungry, and I haven't had any Kentucky Fried Chicken for a long, long time.  So that's where we went.  
The appointment was just a routine one; I needed to get my blood pressure prescription refilled.  The doctor asked me the usual question, "Do you have any aches and pains?"
I always have to laugh inwardly at this.  I'm sixty-seven years old; of COURSE I have some aches and pains.  But I always tell him no, I don't.  Because none of my pains are unusual.  
He asked if everything was OK... had I been feeling all right?  
"I haven't had so much as a cold this winter," I told him.
When he listened to my heart, I thought to myself, "I feel a little fluttery; I hope everything sounds OK in there."  The nurse had mentioned that my blood pressure was a little elevated.  
And then the doctor announced that I have a heart murmur.  
This isn't the first time I've heard this news:  During an exam before one of my minor knee surgeries I was asked if I had ever been told I had a heart murmur.  No, I answered, I had not.  The guy said I might want to mention it to my doctor next time I saw him.
I did, and he listened to my heart:  there was no murmur.  
Now it's back.  Obviously I have a hide-and-seek murmur.  
I also have a theory.  After we came home today, I put two and two together:  That "fluttery" feeling?  It's how I always feel after eating a meal out that has been prepared with MSG.  That, and an intense thirst.  I'll bet that's why the blood pressure was a tad high, too.  
So now I can't help but wonder if there's a connection between the MSG and the heart murmur.  Google doesn't give me any positive connection between the two, but when I go for the test the doctor wants me to get, I will make sure not to eat out for three days in advance.  We shall see if that dratted murmur is still there.  
MSG can also trigger an asthma attack in those who are prone to such things.  Pesky little ingredient, isn't it?


  1. the msg thing was debunked over and over and over again. I knew people who claimed to suffer from it, but ate it just fine without any side effects if they didn't know MSG was in their food. wikipedia page for dr.blaylock quoted on the site you linked says:"Blaylock has endorsed views inconsistent with the scientific consensus, including that food additives such as aspartame and monosodium glutamate (MSG) are excitotoxic in normal doses and that the H1N1 influenza (swine flu) vaccine carries more risk than swine flu itself." meaning that he is basically a quack.

  2. I knew that link was questionable, but I also know what I feel like. I don't think about it when I'm eating. It's two hours later that I realize I'm floating about 2 feet off the ground and hyper, and then I wonder if there was MSG in the food I ate. It never happens except sometimes when I eat out. And it is a CERTAIN thing that some people have reactions to MSG. I'm no hypochondriac, and I never think about MSG until the weird feelings start. By the way, it won't keep me from eating out once in awhile. It's a cheap "high".

  3. Again I say, when I was young I felt great and ate KFC all the time. Now that I'm old I don't eat it very often and I have aches and pains and I'm over weight.. What conclusion would you draw?
    My wifes in Blair, I should call her and have her pick some up. I'd like to feel better.

  4. I'm no hypochondriac either and I definitely think there is something to MSG (and we love KFC!).

  5. Maybe watch the MSG and things with tons of sodium (I don't think you eat canned soups--they're loaded--and don't eat ramen noodles, for pity's sake).

  6. I have a heart murmur that was diagnosed a few years back and after a very expensive test, it was found to be benign. Ho hum.

  7. Margaret, ho hum is my attitude also. Since I had it five years ago and then it disappeared, and now it's back? I'm assuming it's not a problem. Doctor said insurance should pay for the test, so I suppose I'll get it.

  8. My hubby has heart problems. I know you think the murmer is no big deal. But please monitor it from time to time. I do not care what anyone says MSG does alter the way some people feel.a couple weeks ago we splurged and went to this sweet little restaurant outside town. The service was divine, the food was out of this world delicious. By the time we got home, I had a headache, felt jittery. No doubt in my mine the cause was MSG.

  9. I have a heart murmur too, had it for years and it doesn't seem to affect me any. Sometimes they mention it when they listen to my heart and sometimes they don't. Go figure. I'm with you on the MSG, it doesn't affect me that way but it does in other ways.

  10. Anonymous1:57 AM

    Dee from Tennessee

    I've had a heart murmur for yrs but what was "funny" was decades ago when I was young, my internist told me I had heart murmur & sent me to a cardio who said I didn't. She stood her ground and said, "I don't care WHAT he says, I hear a murmur." LOL Now, having a wee bit more problems with heart unrelated to murmur ( as in a nurse rushed up to in PUBLIC wanting to call 911 ...umm, no thank you very much) , I just had to go thru the tests you will prolly have and prior to tests , this new cardio doc said quote: "At your age (62) I would be surprised if you did NOT have a light murmur." LOL Tests were fine - it was the shuffling back and forth from testing room to itty bitty waiting room UGH UGH. And it was one of the "three hour tours...."


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