Saturday, February 18, 2012

We had a great day yesterday

We met David, the guy who entertains me and my readers by photoshopping my header pictures.  We went for a walk in the pasture.  It was such a nice day I ended up taking my coat off and carrying it, which is why I'm holding onto my coat in this picture.  

Cliff fooled around with David's fancy-schmancy camera.  

While he was laughing, I was thinking, "What if he drops that thing?  We can't afford to pay for it!"   

I normally don't aim my camera in the direction of that abandoned house in the background, but it was too much trouble to explain it, so there you have it.  
David says he'll be back when the grass and trees are green.  You can see lots of his pictures on his blog, Hyperblogal.  
He said after following my blog for so long, it was interesting to see all the things he's seen me telling about.  
See you next time, David.  


  1. I was going to click a "pretty neat" box on the Reactions, but there wasn't one there. So...

    That is pretty neat!

  2. I had a great time... you and Cliff are very gracious hosts.... I will be back... and I crossed off two things on my bucket list: 1) pet a cow's nose, 2) Get my mug on Donna's blog :)

  3. Awesome to meet blogger friends in person! It looks like a beautiful day there and fun too.:-)

  4. That does sound like a nice day! Great to meet someone in person like that! Hope your Saturday is a super one too!

  5. It was fun to see your side of this little get-together, too. For some reason, I thought your pictures would be the same as his.

  6. That is so neat that you got to meet him. I know you love his photo shopping. I loved the elephant picture on your land, myself. That was hilarious. Nice camera too. I'll go check out his blog.

  7. You should've put David to work shoveling manure or someething

  8. We stepped around quite a bit of manure, Meesha. David is definitely "City" all the way, but we both like him just fine. If it weren't for the Internet, I would never know anybody but rednecks and farmers. It's nice to meet folks who live a different kind of life than we do.

  9. Cliff looks pretty comfortable with David's camera. Are you sure there isn't a hidden talent there? Now that you all have met... I bet the wheels are turning in David's head about what to do to your next header pic. LOL glad you made a couple of his bucket list desires come true. Take care.


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