Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Canada trip

Remember our plans to go on a bus tour that would take us up into Canada?  It sounded so carefree:  our rooms would be booked for us, most of the meals taken care of.  Cliff could actually look out the window and enjoy the scenery, rather than having to do all the driving.  
Yes, it was pricey, but Cliff has a rather large tractor fund and he was willing to foot the bill.  
However, we would have to fly to  Calgary to start the bus tour.  Cliff hates to fly.  And yet, the thought of driving so far didn't appeal to him either.  
His older brother has been doing a lot of traveling with his wife lately, and Cliff started wondering if they would be interested in driving to Canada with us:  that way there would be three drivers taking turns at the wheel and sharing gasoline expenses.  
So we've talked to them, and it looks as though we will make the trip in that manner, using the bus tour destinations (loosely) as a guide.  However, we will be seeking our own lodging, which worries me somewhat.  I wonder if it's possible to find a motel in the Canadian Rockies section of Canada during peak tourist season. I know we could book lodging ahead of time, but that keeps you tied to a schedule, and who wants to be on a time clock when they are on vacation?  
I'm fairly certain I have at least one Canadian reader, and I would love to have some input either in the comment section or in email.  
We would probably rent a good-sized vehicle for the trip; Cliff's brother says that's the ideal solution; if you have car trouble, you simply get a different car.  
We will have to get passports.  I don't know about the monetary exchange rate, but we can find out about all that.  For my part, I would have just gone to Glacier National Park and stayed in the good old U.S.A., but Cliff is really keen on seeing Canada.  
If we were staying in this country, I could get free maps of the region we visit.  I cannot find any website that offers me a free road map of Alberta, Canada.  
I am looking forward to taking the trip with Cliff's brother and his wife.  At our ages, it will be good to have that kind of bonding experience.  We used to spend lots of time together when Cliff and I were newlyweds.  In fact, his brother's wife was one of the witnesses whose name is on our marriage licence.    
Help me out here, you folks with Canadian travel experience!


  1. I am jealous! What a wonderful trip this sounds like - just the kind Hubby and I really love (car, scenery, no set schedule) but often find too expensive to take. It also sounds great to have a traveling couple - if you guys can just agree on when and where to eat, things should go smoothly. We find travel with relatives only present the "I need to eat" problem while Hubby wants to continue driving until we all drop dead. Can't wait to see your pictures! By the way, I've left several notes on the blog, but I can't seem to read Bloggers weird lettering anymore -- and find many of my responses eventually lost in "time." Have loved the pictures with Hyperblogger! M.

  2. Sounds like fun! I can't wait to hear all about the trip! When are you guys going?

  3. Canada, would be a good place to visit. good luck.
    I saw the deer car. that happen to me once.
    I made it home and my husband who wasn't very nice was raiseing holly hell cause I had ruined the car. I ask would you have been happy if I had died? He shut up for once.

  4. It all sounds wonderful. I hope you can make all the connections and get to have a wonderful trip.

  5. I've got a friend who has a friend who recently moved to Canada in the last couple of years. I'll ask her if she has any helpful info. I'm with you, though, I'd probably opt to skip the whole expense of the passport and stay on this side of the line. Either way, sounds like an adventure!

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  7. My last trip to Canada was 30 years ago; I think my knowledge may not be relevant. But it was a great trip.

    Have fun. The driving sounds much better than flying!!

  8. Northern AB gal10:30 AM

    Donna, I need to go back and look at the trip itinerary again. Are you thinking July or August? An approximate date of when you would be in Canada would help, early July is Stampede in Calgary and there is usually a lot of visitors for that. With the price of gas I'm not sure how many US visitors Canada will get, so hotel accommodations may be easier to obtain. I can send you an Alberta map, email me privately with your address.

  9. AB Gal, I don't have your email address. Mine is on my profile. We are probably talking the last half of July.

  10. Lindie4:15 PM

    Sorry, all my Canadian experience is in the east, mostly Ontario, which is beautiful. My mother grew up out there though and had told me many amazing stories from her youth. I do have relatives in the West but the ones I know are in BC, in the Vancouver area. I can't wait to read about your experiences. You might contact a few bed and breakfasts and just ask them when their busy season is and if they know that there are motels etc available. They are usually very helpful.

  11. Donna, take your IPad. You can check motel availability "on the go" that way. Can't wait to read of your adventures!

  12. Mom, we have AAA. They offer a lot of free vacation guides (including maps.) We'll talk this weekend.

  13. AAA does provide lots of maps. I don't know about the availability of hotels in that region during tourist times, but I would assume they are popular. You could call a few and ask. They would know best what you should do. What I sometimes do is make a couple of reservations for different times at different hotels and then cancel one, as long as it has good cancellation policies.

  14. They say the more the merrier. Sounds like the perfect adventure. I toured Canada on my honeymoon years ago. When we go back, we always make reservations in advance. We have stayed in some pretty fancy places, but had the most fun in the dives. You're going to love it.


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