Monday, February 13, 2012

Zoom in on Gratitude: 30 day challenge


When we moved into a used mobile home almost four years ago, one thing I was excited about was the closets.  There are three of them in the house, and the one in the master bedroom had what I considered to be a lot of room.  Keep in mind that most of my clothing goes into a drawer, not a closet.  
Our well water is terribly hard, and I have always wished for a water softener.  So once we were moved into our "new" home, I called Culligan.  Turns out the only feasible location for the water softener was in the closet in the master bedroom.  
Now, Cliff and I shared one small closet at the old house, so I really thought this one would still work for us.  But little by little, Cliff has taken it over.  Everything you see here is his except for the quilts and bedding on the shelf, and you will notice some of his caps perched atop those.  
So my closet is in the guest bedroom.  Why didn't I take a picture of that one?  Because this one has a story.

This is Day 23 of the Thirty-Day Photo Challenge.


  1. I'm enjoying your photo challenge! You know how to make a photo of your closet interesting, LOL. Take care~

  2. I'm enjoying your photo challenge! You know how to make a photo of your closet interesting, LOL. Take care~

  3. Dang blogger said I got the word verification wrong, so I tried again and the comment posted twice. Sorry!

  4. It looks BIGGER than ours, for sure. But seeing the water softner in there does make it seem slightly smaller. Had to chuckle about Cliff taking over the closet. Back when I married my husband, space was limited in the small condo he owned. So there was no place to put my stuff except in the front closet by the front door. I hated it. In this house, we now live in, which is 60 years old, the closets are also teeny tiny, so we each have our own. LOL Take care.

  5. Annnnd are you going to tell us that story?

  6. Paula, I told the story here. I thought I had my big closet and it gradually was taken away from me.

  7. Amazing that a man took away your big closet. lol My husband has about 1/4 of our walk-in closet space. I have to have plenty of room for my teacher clothes!! :)

  8. nerves05 (nancy)7:40 AM

    I have never heard of a water softner being in a closet inside the house. That seems a little strange to me.
    Down here they are always out by the pump which is where ours is. We have exstreamly hard water. Lots of Iron in it. I could imagine our being in my closet. No way.
    My hubby has more clothes than i do. Come to think of it. Thats stange too. I'll have to have a talk with him about that

  9. Nancy, if the softener was out with the pump, we'd be softening water for two houses. Also, not everybody is on well water: Where do you suppose their water softeners are place?

  10. Nancy1:13 PM

    Out side. Where the main water line goes into the house.


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