Monday, February 27, 2012

One good day follows another

I personally wasn't having the best day ever; I slept even less than usual Saturday night, and I felt just a little crossways of the universe.  Even so, it was another great day.   I made a crockpot full of taco soup, enough so that anybody passing through could have some.   Cliff's brother Don and his wife were still here, so the two guys worked on various tractors all day.  Relatives and strangers came for target practice in the pasture.  

On Facebook, I found a picture somebody took of my daughter yesterday that I absolutely love:  I see traces of my little girl from long ago in this shot.   Best.  Picture.  Ever.

Granddaughter Monica has a boy friend.  In a field full of people with guns, he was treading cautiously.  

Oldest grandson and Heather joined in the fun.

Son-in-law Kevin loves things that go "bang".  

The grandson, Heather, and a friend, Allen, spent quite a bit of time cleaning their weapons.  

Gotta love rednecks.  

I shamelessly stole most of these pictures on Facebook.  Since I wasn't at my peak performance, I remained in the house while the shooting was going on, reading the strangest book I've read in awhile, "The Art of Racing in the Rain".  The narrater of the story is a dog.  I cried at the ending.    

Nephew Scott put this on Facebook this morning:  "I love when my Aunt Donna gets out her guitar and sings her songs."  
I told him, "I don't do it often because nobody asks.  Thanks for asking."


  1. I KNEW there was a reason I uploaded hi-res!

  2. The only thing I like better than shooting guns is shooting someone else's guns when I don't have to clean them. (grin)

    Unfortunately that chance doesn't come around too often.

    Sounds like another really good day, though.

  3. Looks like everyone is enjoying the nice weather you are having there. I love that picture of your daughter too. What a great SMILE! The sun was shining here but it was still cold so it was an inside day here except for the going back and forth to church. Hope your Monday finds you more rested and enjoying the day more!

  4. My crowd shots in the gravel pit out behind our cottage. They LOVE it. I try once in a while but with trifocals I'm not very good at it. Love the picture of your daughter, just beautiful!

    Also love the shirt, that would fit in just perfect around here. Have you heard how they are questioning whether it's legal to shoot someone that is breaking into your home? Good grief, we won't even be able to defend ourselves any more if the left winged liberals have their way! If I was still blogging you can be sure there would be a huge vent posted!

  5. Love all the photos. Your daughter is very pretty. Looks real happy in that pic. The bear T-shirt is cool. Taco soup sounds real tasty. Always looking for new books. I read mostly UK or Australian writers these days. But I have piles of others on my Kindle and sitting around the house. A good cry is always good. I really would love to hear you sing. Are there any YOUTUBE videos of you. Inquiring minds want to know. Take care.

  6. I love taco soup! It's one of my favs. Looks like a great day around your place! My fellows would fit right in with your bunch!

  7. aww....Rachel looks adorable! :-D

  8. Your daughter is lovely!

  9. Ah, yes! Enzo -- one of the best dog books EVER! Maybe you should make a recording of your guitar and songs? M.


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