Sunday, February 12, 2012

Zoom in on Gratitude: 30 day challenge


My readers know all about my clothing.  Jeans and sweats and sweatshirts in winter.  Jeans and shorts and T-shirts in summer.  I drew a blank on this subject until I decided to show you my clothing from past years.  

That's me with my mom and dad.  Mother made all my clothes, even the bonnet.  She always put a bonnet on me because I was so bald that everybody thought I was a boy.  

Again, here I am wearing a dress my mother made.  

Me and my mom at the wrestling matches.  I loved me some wrestlin' back then.  So did Mother.  See?  I did wear dresses at some point in my life.

  Can you say teenage angst?  Again, girlie skirt and sweater.  When I was in high school, girls weren't allowed to wear jeans or slacks.  

Wow, am I stylin' here or what?  At least I was skinny, but I probably didn't know it at the time.  That's a rare picture of my brother on the left.  Cliff has his arm around me, but neither of us think it looks like him.  Granddaughter Amber, however, says it looks exactly like both of us.  

OK, by this point my wardrobe had deteriorated into what it is today.   I was skinny again!  Why can I not remember being so thin?

That's me with my two oldest grandchildren.  T-shirt, sweats too short for my tall body.  Yep, I'm a real fashion plate.  Oh yeah, and the hair is nice, too.

This is Day 22 of the thirty day photo challenge.


  1. What a wonderful bunch of photos! If I were a better and more patient scanner, I would do an evolution of some of my outfits. Girls weren't allowed to wear pants or jeans to school here until I was in junior high and we had a very snowy/cold winter. Then it was just pants,which later became jeans. I have all my teacher clothes--then my jeans/blouses and finally sweats and tee-shirts.

  2. GREAT memories and photos of your fashion sense evolving. Your mom and you were quite lovely. And you and Cliff made a STUNNING pair back in the day, so hip and cool. For as long as I can remember, I used to get dressed up all the time, even to run to the store. Eight years ago, I had an epithany. I switched to wearing pants, only. Usually different color jeans... black, purple, brown and taupe. Will never go back to dresses and skirts, again. Pants are so much more comfortable. LOL Take care.

  3. At least there weren't any hippie nudusts in your family....

  4. If you had told me you used to wear dresses without the pictures, I wouldn't have believed it.

    Donna? In a dress? No freaking way!


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