Saturday, February 11, 2012

On the road

Seriously, it seems as though we've been on the road all day long, and we never got any farther from home than Cliff's brother's farm at Higginsville.  
We had already planned to take Bonnie-the-Jersey-cow to spend time with Cliff's brother's bull.   Phil is out of state just now, and his pickup has been borrowed by a grandson.  So we borrowed granddaughter Monica's pickup to transport the cow.  
Monica spent last night at our house.  I mentioned on Facebook that I was making biscuits and gravy today, and ended up with over seventy comments on that status update.  Many people from across the country invited themselves to my house.  It was pretty funny, actually.  
This morning I made a double batch of baking powder biscuits and stretched the gravy so there would be enough for my daughter and son-in-law and Cliff's sister next door.  
That's how we started our day.  Then we headed to Cliff's brother's farm to get the livestock trailer.  

Monica did a great job of driving us there, although once Cliff hooked us up to the trailer, she wanted him to drive.  Back home, we loaded up Bonnie and Max.  I really felt bad about hauling them around with the temperatures so frigid, but the timing (we hope) is right for her to feel romantic at some point in the next few days.  Back to Phil's farm where we unloaded the pair.  Phil's bull seemed eager to meet his new girl friend, even though she was not yet in a romantic mood.  The bull, along with most of the herd, followed Bonnie all over the pasture, with poor Max trailing behind wondering what was going on.  
Home again, and Cliff's sister had fixed pizza for everybody.  Good stuff.  Then I came to the house and collapsed in my chair, because it felt like I had been on the road all day long.  Oh wait.. I had!  

For the next week, Jody and Babe are alone on the place.  At least they have each other.  
I wanted to go to a music show this evening, but it was in the same town to which we've already traveled twice today.  It's a show put on by relatives of the twins next door.  There was a very talented guest scheduled that I really wanted to see, but I don't want to leave home again.  It's cold outside.


  1. Love your witch.........lolol

  2. Dumb question--but do a bull and a cow always each other eventually? It sounds like a lot of preparations; that's probably what was so tiring about this trip!It wasn't just a pleasure drive. :)

  3. Margaret, it's pretty much the same with all animals: The lady comes in heat (with cows it happens approximately every three weeks) and the male finds her irresistible.

  4. rats! Your header photo isn't showing up on my PC and it sounds like I'm missing the fun. I have to figure this out and fix it, LOL. Dang technology drives me nuts.

  5. That header photo cracked me up. Iris is oblivious to the skywriting. Is it a GOOD witch or bad one? LOL Sounds like Bonnie is in for a good time this Valentine's week. If you had thrown some grits in, along with the biscuits and gravy, I'd have been knocking on your door too. Monica is very pretty in addition to being a GREAT driver. Sorry you didn't get to go to your show. Bet you curled up with a good book instead. take care.


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