Thursday, February 02, 2012

Bonnie and Babe

This picture shows the contrast in cattle breed sizes.  Babe weighs at least twice as much as Bonnie.  She also eats twice as much.  
I have my eye on a Craigslist ad that has some Jersey cows, of various ages and stages of pregnancy, for sale.  I surely wouldn't mind having another beef-dairy cross calf to sell every year; it seems lots of people are interested in buying grass-fed (and milk-fed) young beef.  
We'll see what develops.  
I may simply lose interest and forget about it.  That's what happened with the foreclosed-upon property next door that has the desirable pole barn:  The more I thought about it, the more it sounded like a lot of work for a couple of retired people who would rather play than work.  The only way we'd end up with it now is if somebody dropped it right in our laps, and I don't think that's going to happen.  

I'm hooking this up with Nancy and Lisa for Rural Thursday Blog Hop. 


  1. a jersy cow is the best.
    dad bought a high priced bull, herford, once when he was in the cattle business. he believed he could have cows of ever breed and mixed breeds and use a good herford bull and get good calves.
    I went to see his bull after about 6 months and nearly fell down laughing , it was a dwaft. I told him it was but he refused to admit that I was right. The bull went to market that fall with the calves.LOL

  2. Oh my, you sound very much like me! I get these great ideas... then remember how much work would be involved and then I come to my senses!

    Love your cows. We usually rent out our pasture in the spring and have a few I take care of until fall -- it is alot of fun to have them.

    Thank you so much for sharing with Rural Thursday. And it's great to meet you! :)

  3. I like Bonnie! More cream.

  4. WOW. I didn't know Babe was that much bigger than Bonnie. GREAT photo of the pair. They posed and everything. LOL Great ideas come and go around here, losing their luster, in an instant. take care.

  5. Hi Donna! Love the photo of the cows! I have never really seen the two breeds side by side before. They posed very nicely : )

  6. I actually kind of like it when my great ideas fizzle and die - it can be a relief.

    Cute cows :-)

  7. stopped over thanks to "rural journal" ... love their names. too cute!! such good shots. (:

  8. Craigslist can be a dangerous place!! :) i find so many critters on there i want to bring home. :) i LOVE your cows. Visiting from Rural Thursday!


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