Thursday, February 23, 2012

It happened on Facebook: tattoo discussion

I was private messaging with a couple of ladies on Facebook, asking them if they knew a certain person.  Somehow one thing led to another and I found out the two of them went together and got a new tattoo yesterday.
I said, "I've always hated tattoos, and yet there's a part of me that would like to get one, maybe on my shoulder where it wouldn't show too often."
They told me I should do it.  I asked about the pain and then left my little private messages and shared my thoughts with all my Facebook friends (if you are one of my Facebook friends, feel free to look at the discussion).  Someone asked what sort of tattoo I would get, and I said, "The Honda Gold Wing logo."

Here are a couple of possibilities, although the GL 1800 would not be a part of my tattoo.
Then Cliff and I watched a DVR'd episode of "Pickers" and saw them buying Mobil Pegasus signs.
"Wait a minute, I think that's the tattoo I want!  A Mobile pegasus!"
Cliff just shook his head.
I found a couple of examples of what I might ask for:

While this conversation was going on, is it any surprise that David, of Hyperblogal fame, came up with a whole different tattoo for me?  Here's his suggestion:

Ree Drummond, right on my arm.  Thanks David, but no.  I like Pioneer Woman, but not THAT much!

I have a special fondness for the Mobil Pegasus because when Cliff was a kid, he got a decal someplace and put it on the headboard of his baby sister's crib, which ended up being the crib I used for both of my babies.  I still have the headboard.

This morning I was googling "pegasus tattoos" and found out I am not the first person to want such a tattoo, although I may be the first to want the Mobil version.  A little more googling led me to learn that there is a meaning behind a pegasus tattoo.  

"As a tattoo symbol, Pegasus represents much of what a Horse does, loyalty, stamina, endurance and speed, but with the added dimensions normally associated with Wings and Birds -freedom, and a soaring spirit, mind and heart. Pegasus speaks to the poet in us, of the magical and mystical and the divine world of Gods among the clouds and Mount Olympus. Pegasus will carry us to new heights of imagination, inspiration and aspiration."

So, I think I have made my choice.  There's no fool like an old fool.


  1. The Mobil winged horse is definitely my favorite of the ones you've showed.
    I don't have any tats, either, but have often toyed with the idea of getting one. Who knows, maybe I will. Better late than never.

  2. So no tramp stamp? Im so disappointed. Hehehehe

  3. I got one on my left forearm when I was young and dumb. Kind of a cool dragon, but in retrospect I should have gotten someone a little more experienced to do it. That was... quite some time ago.

    Now I see some of these tribal designs and I really like them. And the wife threatens to beat me every time I mention it.

  4. I have to admit I have never liked tatoos and am glad both my kids have a giant fear of needles! lol Thomas doesn't like them either. But if you do get one, I think you made a good choice with the Mobil Pegasus. One of my sisters has a tiny scorpion on one of her shoulder blades. She got it back when her first marriage broke up. I think she was feeling a bit militant against men at the time. lol

  5. OOOH! A red winged horse tattoo -- that would be really, really cool. I think you should get one -- maybe on your shoulder but you might want to be really daring and a tad lower? I work with a great young teacher who got his arm banded with a tattoo of his grandfather's WWII warship -- all in vivid color. It looks great! Plus -- I's way behind in my blogging -- but I see you got a visit from a KC blogger (who has the best pictures ever) and I was truly impressed. M.

  6. I am not a needle fan, so it wouldn't be for me. But, if that's what you want, go for it. I like the Pegasus one the best too.

  7. If my ankles weren't swollen all time I would get a small butterfly on my ankle. lol Do it!

  8. To me, horses mean eating hay. How about a naked Cliff on your back?
    See what he thinks.
    btw I too watched that pickers episode. Love that show.

    This google word verification is really ridiculous. This attempt 4. I have no idea what all those piled on top of each other letters are. I might have to email this comment to you.

  9. I think it's an awesome idea and a perfect choice. No one in my family has tattoos but I'm not personally opposed to them, as long as I don't have to go under the needle. :)

  10. OMG are you really gonna do this? So what is Cliff gonna get? Mermaid? You? a Tractor? lol

  11. Anonymous10:05 PM

    My mother-in-law wanted a small dove of peace tattoo for her 60th birthday also inviting her daughter-in-laws to be inked at the same time. My tattoo is Henery the Chicken Hawk (Looney Tunes) He is on the outside of my left calf, just above my ankle...his look has quite the attitude which fit perfect with me. Hopefully he will preserve well as we (!) age...I don't think he'll look quite as tough with wrinkles~
    If you are seriously thinking about a tattoo, you can get tattoo transfer paper; print out your design the size you want from your printer, apply it where you desire and decide from there.

  12. I really gave alot of thought to getting a tatoo for my 50th birthday and then again when I turned 55. But the truth is it would drive me crazy once I tired of it, so I opted out of any body art for yours truly. However, since you are considering it, I will say I think your choice is spiritually sound based on the information about what it represents. And the Pegasus itself is just so-oo beautiful. ree is nice but I agree dave got a tad bit carried away with this latest idea. SORRY. Take care.

  13. Lindie9:30 AM

    The black one would be better. A lot of people are allergic to the red ink. And it is very painful to remove.

  14. I think you made a good choice. It has a lot of meaning to you. Helen

  15. After reading about the definition of Pegasus and about the headboard of the cribs....I can see why this is PERFECT for you!


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